Have You Ever Wondered That Why Some People Suddenly Get Depressed Without Any Reason

Have You Ever Wondered That Why Some People Suddenly Get Depressed Without Any Reason

How is it possible to be depressed and not to know? 

Depression is a serious clinical diagnosis. In reality, it can be difficult to recognize symptoms of depression from common experiences such as sadness or frustration. Depression may occur suddenly or slowly. It may be related to a situation or there may be no possible explanation at all. Have you ever said the words "I'm sad"?  It's hard to face feeling down, but it's also extremely normal. Sadness is a part of your life. We feel down sometimes, and we don't know the cause of that sadness. You feel down, lost or scared, and you don't know what the reason for these emotions is, or how to solve it.

Here are 4 major causes "Why Do I Feel Sad For No Reason?":-

1. Loneliness.

Everyone feels lonely from time - to - time, but long periods of loneliness or social exclusion can hurt your physical, mental, and social well-being. Mental conditions, increased risk of depression, anxiety, paranoia, or panic attacks. Low energy, fatigue, or lack of motivation. Loneliness also affects your physical health, when you experience loneliness, your levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, go up. Cortisol can adversely affect cognitive performance, compromise the immune system, and increase your risk of vascular problems, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease.

2. Family Genes.

A family history of depression may increase the risk of depression. Depression is thought to be a complex trait, meaning that there are probably many different genes that each have small effects rather than a single gene that contributes to the risk of disease. Like other psychological illnesses, the causes of depression are not as clear or straightforward as in solely inherited diseases such as Huntington's chorea or cystic fibrosis. Experts believe that as many as 40 % of people with depression can trace it to a genetic connection. The other 60% is environmental and other reasons. The study has also shown that people with parents or siblings who have depression are up to three times more likely to experience depression.

3. Childhood Abuse.

Children who are exposed to abuse and trauma may develop a heightened stress response.  This can affect their ability to control their emotions, lead to sleep difficulties, reduce immune function, and increase the risk of several physical illnesses throughout later life. This trauma may also impact an adult as they experience feelings of shame and remorse, feeling lonely and unable to relate to others, difficulty regulating emotions, heightened anxiety and depression, frustration.

4. High Expectations.

Expecting life to always turn out the way you expect is likely to lead to disappointment because life does not always turn out to be the way you want it to. And when those unfulfilled expectations include the inability of others to behave as you want them to do, disappointment often includes anger.

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