16 Photographs Taken a Second Before Someone’s Personal Tragedy

16 Photographs Taken a Second Before Someone’s Personal Tragedy

Sometimes someone takes a photograph so perfectly timed that it can never be re-created, no matter how hard you try it out. Here are 16 Photographs Taken Seconds Before a Disaster That Will Make You Feel Pain Just Looking At it.

1. We hope she changes her mind before she shoots.

© Unknown author / Imgur

2. Me facing my fate.

© krilled / reddit

3. Either the couch is inflatable or they know something we don't.

© Unknown author / Imgur

4.  How did the cat get there?

© Valens / reddit

5. When you attract bad things:

© poopyAR / reddit

6. Governor Of Michigan, Rick Snyder, Getting Kicked In The Face.


7. Some Of My Best Buds Posing In Front Of The Ocean.


8. Perfect Timing.


9. At least he has a great selfie!


10.  This is why I hate volleyball.

© PaperkutRob / reddit

11. This guy looks super calm. Does he even know that one wheel is gone?

© Gherop / reddit

12. We think she was more scared.

© BteThatsMee / reddit

13. The Moment I Lost My Glasses.


14. A Nice Bike Ride.


15. Refreshments Maybe?


16. My Selfie With A Duck.


3 Responses to "16 Photographs Taken a Second Before Someone’s Personal Tragedy"

  1. OMGOSH. . . what perfect timing on these shots. So sorry for the outcome for the victims though.

  2. #14 is staged, she's just jumping, with the the bike wedged in place before hand.

  3. Is the dog giving her shower bath?