5 Psychological Tricks Through Which You Can Easily Catch a Liar Within a Minute

5 Psychological Tricks Through Which You Can Easily Catch a Liar Within a Minute

Lying is an art, the art of shrewdness. But you can definitely catch them if you know how to deal with them and how to catch their lying and deceptive nature. Sometimes everybody lies but very few people are really good at it. So, more often than not, if you know what to look for, you can catch a liar easily.

Here are 5 methods through which you can easily catch a lier:-

1. Inconsistencies

If you want to know if someone's lying to you, look for inconsistencies in what they mean. This is, in itself, a common lie detector used in courtrooms and by investigators. It's hard to keep up with a lie, particularly when you're asked to go through the specifics again and again. The liar is more than likely to slip up and ultimately tell himself that he is lying.

2. Pay close attention to their body language

Often, to read someone's true emotions, you have to rely on their body language. Although many let lies spill out of their mouths, they sometimes forget what their bodies could communicate. Use it to your advantage. Are they avoiding contact with the eye? Are their smiles fake, huh? Should they feel awkward? If the answer to any of these types of questions is yes, they may be lying to you. Untrained liars often betray what they’re saying with unconscious head movements. Watch them from the neck up as they tell you a suspected lie, and see if the “yes” nod or “no” shake matches what they’re saying. See whether the head shakes "no" when they say "yes".

3. Ask in a funny way

The other person tends to lose out when you funnily ask something. He or she would be lying weakly in the process. The desire to make his or her argument the ultimate reality should have ended and the speech would have a softness. Already your suspect lies but wonders whether he or she will come up with the facts or truth. If a person is usually energetic and loud, he or she may be quiet when he or she tries to lie. Or, if they are normally calm and quiet, they may be anxious and restless when they lie. As with eye contact and other mannerisms, compare what you see with what you usually observe from this person.

4. Ask the unexpected questions

If you want to catch a liar, ask him or her a question that is least expected, no matter how difficult it is. So come up with some questions that help to catch them off guard, that way they have very little time to come up with a lie, and can expose valuable truth-related information. and you'll know that he or she is lying by his or her expressions and hesitation. They will be trapped in their own tangle when they are told something awkward out of the question that they have been weaving.

5. Told him or her for the simple explanation

Your liar can use complicated words and complex points of view to convey his point of view. It is going to be broken when you ask him or her to describe the whole thing more simply. They weave these complex terms to make you feel uncomfortable, but when asked for a simple explanation, it would be very difficult.

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