7 Psychological Facts That You Need to Know About Yourself Before You Regret

7 Psychological Facts That You Need to Know About Yourself Before You Regret

It is always interesting and entertaining to learn something new about yourself. And it can be even more exciting to understand the psychology behind the way we behave, treat others as well as express ourselves.

Below are 7 Psychological facts that are a strong demonstration of why things happen to us in the manner they do and rationalize our responses for the same thing.

1. If you're standing in an aisle in any retail store you'll be overwhelmed with options. Whether you buy candy, snacks, DVD players, shoes, you know it, you'll certainly have a large range of things from which to choose. It's just because people want a variety of options. If you ask anyone if they want to choose between a couple of options or have a variety of options, most people would say they prefer a variety of options.

2. Not everybody likes horror films, but there are a few hypotheses about why for the individuals who do it, the key reason comes down to hormones. You get all the adrenaline, endorphins, and dopamine from a fight-or-flight scene when you watch a suspenseful thriller or walk through a horror movie, but no matter how scared you feel, your brain knows that you're not really in danger, so you get the normal goosebumps without any of the risks.

3. Did you ever think about why traffic slows when people pass through an accident? Should you grumble about the fact that the tragedy attracts people, and yet notice that you always look around as you drive? Yeah, it's not your fault, you can't stop gazing at disaster scenes. It is your "old brain" that tells you to pay attentiveness.

4. Our minds have something called a "negativity bias" that makes us understand negative news rather than good, which is why you easily overlook that your colleague admired your presentation but tend to focus on the fact that your shoes were mocked by a guy at the metro station. We need, in our lives, at least five to one proportion of good to bad to feel normal.

5. It's not about common courtesy, the "law of mutual respect" implies we're wired to want to help somebody who supports us. It actually evolved because people have to support each other, to keep society running smoothly. Shops just use it against customers, offering free goodies in hopes of spending some money.

6. Psychologists have researched a phenomenon known as reactance. when individuals feel that some liberties are being taken away, they not only break that rule but break even more than they'd have done in an attempt to gain their liberty.

7. When participants were asked to remember items from the list, they are most prone to thinking about things from the very end or from the very beginning, according to a study published in Frontiers of Human Neuroscience. The middle gets blurred, which might also factor into why you recognize your boss finishing up her speech, and not much about the central portion.

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