7 Secret Things That Women Will Never Tell Men

7 Secret Things That Women Will Never Tell Men

Women are unpredictable and they have their own ways of coping with issues, something that most people will never understand. And when it comes to a relationship, women might say a lot of things to you, but there are some things she'll never disclose. A woman does not conceal such things because she wants to lie or hide things from you, this is just because she likes to keep certain things in her private suite.

Here are some secrets things that women will never tell men:-

1. She would never share specifics of her interactions with her girl mates. Awareness of their most secret talks is unlikely. So after a girls' night out, if you ask her what happened and what you girls did, the answer would be, Nothing, just chilling.

2. She loves it when you become a bit jealous, And if you ever see her flirting with the waiter, the bus driver, or another guy at a party in front of you, you know she is really flirting with you through him.

3. Try hard as much as you want but she'll never tell you how many exes she's had. And you don't have to know them, either. She's going to tell you about some of her exes but she'll never tell you the exact amount of people she's been with. She'll just show things she feels are important to share.

4. She starts fighting with you because she feels ignored. Men are not the best when it comes to being present and attentive in a relationship and because of this women are unconsciously angry. She tries to drive emotion out of you. Don't pull back to your swamp; just give her what she wants: a little care. And never order her to "calm down" unless you want to guarantee she is absolutely not going to.

5. When it comes to shopping women never estimate. They usually choose whatever they want, and spend lots of money on makeup, clothes, and accessories shopping. And if you want to know her spending preferences, how much they exactly spend on shopping her shopping habits, it will never happen.

6. Every girl on Facebook is stalking the guy before they actually date him. She wants to learn more about your Facebook profile and messages. And it's a joy to read all of your pictures and posts and other people's feedback about them, and then she gets a good start about what to chat about at a meeting.

7. In some ways that is good. She will never tell you how much she loves in words but will continue to prove it by her acts as that is what matters most. She's going to do her hardest to be the perfect one for you and even if she doesn't say I love you enough she loves you deeply and likes to spend the entire life with you.

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14 Responses to "7 Secret Things That Women Will Never Tell Men"

  1. i'm a bit disappointed by this article because i thought it was going to reveal something secret about girls' sexual fantasies or private habits

  2. I already knew all this, girls have no feelings also

  3. sorry guys but as i have learned you have to constantly work at it, truthfulness ,compliments .flowers, commitment, Trustworthiness, let her be her be herself love her for who she is and what she does never try to change a person to suit you that means you just haven't found your girl

  4. I agree, they don't compromise for their wants let it be smaller or bigger.
    Most of the feelings are hidden and never expressed except with their lady friends or close se colleagues.
    Once they find their level of match for discussion with the other ladies, that is the beginning of gossips and the male counterpart gets his share of torture

  5. I'd rather try my luck with Chinese arithmetic than try to figure women out.

  6. Attention is what binds women to men

  7. After 20 years of my marriage life,yet I couldn't understand my wife, sometime she appear very intelligent and clever but sometimes she behave like a idiot ....why? can anyone enlighten me?

  8. Women seem to men to be crazy , unpredictable , illogical , emotional, hard as stone , loving , reliable , honest , dishonest , faithful , un faithful ,all these things positive and negative at various times , in other words totally unfathomable !
    What do woman want ? Ahhhhh the question!!!! Women want security , physical and material , they want a successful strong warrior to look after them . This desire is not on the surface but deep inside their DNA ,their psyche they are not even truly aware of it but it is there , it has been handed down over 10s of thousands of years. Humans have changed very little over the last 50,000 to 100,000 years but living conditions have changed astronomically. People used to live in Nomadic bands , men went out hunting and woman stayed home and nurtured the children and laboured on other requirements for food , firewood etc . The women did these tasks as a group , they talked together , negotiated , shared ,argued ,socialised , cared for each other while the men were away , sometimes for days . These traits became embedded and were very useful in maintaining the society they had created . The men on the other hand driven by testosterone hid their feelings , were tough and hard a requirement for the very dangerous lives they led . Each had their place and new their job , there was no room for petty arguments , everybody was just to damn busy , there was always something to do to maintain their lives and comfort .
    Now place that woman in modern life . She doesn't have that social extremely close contact , living and eating with other women for days at a time where all her emotions and coping skills have developed over millenia , she can live alone , or married to one warrior , there is no need for all these built in skills and she is confused and frustrated . Women are highly social beings and men really aren't . Oh they will go out with the boys and drink and socialise together for sure but in a very different way to women , with very suppressed emotions and feelings. Many will engage in sports which is an outlet for the hunting instinct . So what makes women so misunderstood and seem to act illogically is they have so many under utilised emotions and feelings programmed in that smoulder away in the background that only come out in exceptional circumstances , usually when the partner has done something that she perceives as not warrior like and her tirades confuses the hell out of him . But men are not like that , very little is held under the surface . Sometimes when a woman asks her man "What are you thinking " He will say "Nothing" and it's true , men can think of nothing all the time , to a woman this is incomprehensible for their minds are a maelstrom of conflicting thoughts and ideas .

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  11. this was pretty dissspointing, everything was something superficial that is already quite commonly known among Men, Us Men that are of the average intellect at the very least... where are the things like, A vast majority of Women, if not all Women, become sexually aroused when one of their boobs is gripped and pulled upward-- like shifting a gear upwards in a car, gripping top know firm with your hand.
    (This is all during foreplay [even in the slightedt]of course).

    That's the kind of Article we want! not this $h!t!!

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  13. In reply to "Doctor" above and the article as written. Thought provoking, interestingly and over simplified but truly correct. This article makes perfect sense in a simplified straight forward way. Modern women want to make modern men more like themselves and form their emotional sides like that of women. Women can't understand why men don't think like women. Men are hunter-gatherers whose main objectives in life are to provide their families' security and the essentials' of life such as food and shelter. Everything men do is first and foremost to this end. When men are searching out their mate, they look for the healthiest looking female who looks like she can bear the healthiest children (all done subconsciously to the male) and someone who can rear children (subconsciously again) as well as feed such children. We (males) don't even know that we are making these decisions with procreation in mind. Men and women should be like a complementary pair to provide for their offspring as a working unit as has been done for a millennia. Men shouldn't try to change women to bend to their will and visa versa.