7 Fascinating Things Your Face Says About You

7 Fascinating Things Your Face Says About You

Science does show that there are a couple of things we can tell about physical traits and the personality of someone. It is always interesting to learn something unique about ourselves. Certain facts say our facial features are connected to our personality traits. If you have a tiny nose or a wide face, this is not just genetics. It can also predict your reactions and behaviors.

1. Researcher Abraham Tamir has long studied facial characteristics and their connection with personality. He's found that long-nose people can be very competitive, have strong instincts, and appear to be leaders. and also observed that the round or sharp nose person was sweet, mild-tempered, and had endearing personalities.

2. It was noticed, according to the study, that those people who were more agreeable tended to have a higher brow line and smaller spans on their foreheads. The researchers found that there were identical faces to those that had the same levels of consciousness and agreeability.

3. Because the eyes of each person are so unique, researchers found that crypts (the teeny tiny clusters around the pupil) densely packed in the eyes of an individual indicated a tender and confident personality. But if they are tightly contracting, the person could be more on the neurotic side.

4. According to science, the wider your cheekbones, the more likely you'll be assertive and even aggressive. If you're full-faced, of course, that doesn't mean you're either scary and violent. This is simply to say that these people may be more likely to respond to conflict than to ignore that conflict.

5. According to research, It has been found that people who regularly post selfies may be open to more new experiences than the average person.

6. The less fat you have on your cheeks, the less severe your illnesses tend to be, and the less stressed you get. A slim-facial person also tends to have lower anxiety and depression rates. This may be linked to your overall health, as healthy people usually have less fat on their faces and are happier.

7. Many of us have a side of our face that we prefer and that we turn to face the camera for photos. According to the research (Owen Churches at the University of South Australia ), it has been found that Engineers, mathematicians, and chemists posed more often with their right cheek forward, while scholars of the arts and psychologists posed more often with their left cheek showing. There was also a gender difference, with female academics more likely to display their left cheek in a larger amount.

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