7 Weird Tricks Your Brain Plays on You Every Day but You Would Never Have Noticed That

7 Weird Tricks Your Brain Plays on You Every Day but You Would Never Have Noticed That

Sometimes you simply don't notice things right in front of you. Now you may think of these as human errors, or sometimes blame the situation for them. The fact is, the human brain is astounding, but it's not perfect.
Our minds are playing countless tricks on us. It's often a good thing but it's not sometimes. You've probably never thought that even the most ordinary actions are not just habits, but tricks of our minds.

Here are 7 weird tricks our brain plays On us every day:-

1. You may have experienced the feeling that everyone in the room knew exactly what was going on in your mind if you ever walked nervously to the front of a room, or went grocery shopping when you were sad due to any family problem and other things. However, this phenomenon is a brain trick, called "Transparency's Illusion."

2. Another daily trick that your brain plays on you is gliding in on your most awkward moments, making you think everyone around you has also noticed. This cognitive bias is called the "Spotlight Effect." The spotlight effect is the phenomenon where people tend to think that they are noticed more than they really are.

3. The color of dishes and plates may change the taste and smell of food. For example, hot chocolate appears tastier in an orange or cream-colored cup, and the flavor of strawberry gelatin is better when served on a white plate, not on a dark one. This is because people have certain expectations of how food should look like. When the color of a food is off or different from what we would expect, our brain tells us it tastes different too. Long supported by scientific studies, we use color visual cues to identify and judge the quality and taste of what we eat.

4. Change blindness is a finding that observers often fail to notice major changes in objects or scenes when the change coincides with a brief visual disturbance. For example, if you look at a photo for a while and then get distracted, and then look at the picture again, you might not notice even the most obvious changes.

5. "lower self-esteem makes others more attractive". The lowering of one's self-esteem is likely to give rise to an increased need for affection and respect for others. Thus, any affection offered by another person, and thus this person himself, should be more attractive to an individual when his or her self-esteem is low than when it is high.

6. We stay with the wrong people sometimes because of the sunk cost (Sunk costs are dollars that are already spent and permanently lost. The costs incurred can not be refunded or recovered). You may know a relationship isn't going to work but you don't want to waste your time and effort. You end up staying and staying, and it becomes ever more difficult to leave.

7. You probably realized when you dislike someone, that everything they do is annoying. From the way they split their hair, to the way they chew, to the way they laugh, your brain captures every piece of data that you just don't like. We tend to ignore the good traits and the facts we don't like about people.

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