19 Powerful Photos Proving Nature Always Finds Time For A Little Experiment

19 Powerful Photos Proving Nature Always Finds Time For A Little Experiment

Nature always finds time for a little experiment, and you know that this is true when you see a chili that looks like someone paints it and suddenly decides to leave, or when you see a fossil coral with small flowers inside. Nature is creative even when it comes to stones, making them look like juicy pizza slices. So, next time whenever you go for a walk, keep your camera or phone in your pocket and don't miss to capture all the miracles around you.

1. This tree growing around the palm tree.

©️ sunny946 /Reddit

2. A leaf I found today.

©️ midweststarfish /Reddit

3. These pictures of the tree in our garden were all taken within a month.

©️ plwplw /Reddit

4. Found a half-buried bottle while walking that made this accidental terrarium.

©️ chopbong /Reddit

5. I see your life cycle of a blackberry and raise you life cycle of a cotton flower!

©️ JuneBerryBug94 /Reddit

6. This rock that looks like a pizza.

©️ Paul0416 /Reddit

7. Meet the Bumblebee Bat: the smallest bat on planet Earth.

©️ History0470 /Reddit

8. Lifecycle of a Blackberry...

©️ huntertob /Reddit

9. What a dam built by beavers really looks like.

© yeet12243 / Reddit

10. The way a tornado twisted this tree.

© wildgumbo / Reddit

11. A fossil coral with small flowers inside.

© iLaird / Reddit

12. A spider web that looks like a cave of nightmares.

© d3333p7 / Reddit

13. A flower that looks like the universe.

© gravem / Reddit

14. The Scream is featured in the pattern on the wings of this butterfly.

© qazdrtgbjiol / Reddit

15. Found these beautiful colors hiding inside a piece of wood.

© kankelberri /Reddit

16. This 400-year-old bonsai survived the bombing of Hiroshima, despite being 2 miles away from ground zero.

© hakunamatataMufasa / Reddit

17. Nature is a master of contour.

© im_lonely0 / Reddit

18. Even a small tree has a lot of power.

© Yummydain / Reddit

19. It looks like this pepper is half-albino.

© blur_revision / Reddit

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  1. Wow, they were all amazing photos. We do live in an extraordinary world.
    Thank you for posting.

  2. Awesome and breathtakingly fabulous.

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