17 Incredible And Rarely Seen Photos That Will Simply Blow Your Mind

17 Incredible And Rarely Seen Photos That Will Simply Blow Your Mind

We live in a wonderful world full of wonders all around us, but sometimes we forget to observe them. Observation is a fundamental way to understand the world around us. Being human, we are well equipped with neuron senses that pick details from every aspect.   

Scientists use observation to collect and record data that enables them to construct and then test hypotheses and theories. Well, this shows that there are beautiful secrets hidden beneath and inside things that we'd never even thought of before. It is important to be able to observe and gather information about the world because it helps us to understand the world around us and also change our approach to living our lives.

Here we have collected some incredible and rare pictures of rarely seen things that will simply blow your mind:-

1. This light in my home looks like Saturn.

©️ klade71 /Reddit

2. Fork went thru dryer.

©️ DoofusRickSanchez /Reddit

3. Driftwood I found looks like a starting weapon in an RPG.

©️ heylittledog /Reddit

4. Thin beam of sunlight coming through the window curtain looks like subway graffiti.

©️ PoochieBigRig /Reddit

5. My goldfish (7yrs) likes watching ocean videos on the iPad.

©️ Treemurphy /Reddit

6. This ruined house between the cliffs.

©️ crazycoolady /Reddit

7. Fashion show held in wheat fields with social distancing.

©️ mrflyod /Reddit

8. Some uranium glass from the early 1900s.

©️ Ilovechickenwithsauc /Reddit

9. A restaurant in Malaysia has a product discount system depending on how thin you are.

©️ Blackenix737 /Reddit

10. How thick the wool of a Merino sheep really is...

© blaewoo1 / Reddit

11. A close up of the mesmerizing eye of a horse.

© zephyr0008 / Reddit

12. What happens when you soak an egg in lemon juice.

© VinceFromVinceWow / Reddit

13. The frost on the roof of my car this morning looks a bit like a view of Earth from space.

© vmos / reddit

14. I overcooked an egg and it looks like a person is trying to climb out of it.

© matt_hammond / Reddit

15. This is how babies get X-rays.

© unknown / reddit

16. A visual representation of how many earths could fit inside the sun.

© mike_pants / reddit

17. The world’s smallest city park located in Portland, OR.

© heytherenessa / reddit

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