The 5 Most Deadliest Sniper In Military History

The 5 Most Deadliest Sniper In Military History

Sniper is a highly trained soldier who specializes in shooting targets with modified rifles from an incredibly long distance. They are also adept at stealth, camouflage, infiltration, and observation techniques. Snipers are crucially important parts of an army, and the primary function of a sniper in modern warfare is to provide detailed surveillance from a hidden position and, if necessary, to reduce the enemy's combat capability by neutralizing high-value targets and by demoralizing the enemy.

1. Thomas Plunket (1785–1839)

Thomas Plunket was an Irish soldier in the 95th Rifles regiment of the British Army. He served in the Peninsular War and later in the Waterloo Campaign in 1815. He is mainly remembered for his feat at the Battle of Cacabelos during Moore's retreat to Corunna in 1809. Here Plunket shot the French General Auguste-Marie-François Colbert at a distance of about 600 meters (2,000 ft) with a Baker rifle. Well, Plunkett didn't want his army buddies to think he was lucky so he decides to take the shot again before going back to his line. He reloaded and shot Colbert's aide-de-camp, Latour-Maubourg, who had rushed to the aid of the fallen general, who had shown that the first shot had not been a coincidence. The shots were long enough to impress others in the 95th Rifles.

2. Charles Benjamin "Chuck" Mawhinney 1949-

Charles Benjamin "Chuck" Mawhinney (born 1949) is a U.S. marine who holds the record for the most confirmed sniper kills, having recorded 103 confirmed kills and 216 probable kills in 16 months of the Vietnam War. He was once quoted as saying, "It was the ultimate hunting trip: a man hunting another man who was hunting me. Don't talk to me about hunting lions or elephants; they don't fight back with rifles and scope. Well, I just loved it. He had confirmed the kills of more than 1,000 yards, making him one of the greatest snipers of the Vietnam War. Mawhinney M40 rifle is on display in the Vietnam Gallery of the "National Museum of the Marine Corps."

3. Lyudmila Mykhailivna Pavlichenko (July 12, 1916 – October 10, 1974) 

Lyudmila Mykhailivna Pavlichenko was a Ukrainian Soviet sniper. She shot German soldiers in World War 2. She was one of the top military snipers of all time and is credited with 309 kills, 36 of them were enemy snipers. Her first two kills were made near Belyayevka using a Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifle with a P.E .4x-Scope. She had been in Odessa for two and a half months during the conflict where she recorded 187 kills. After that, she was transferred to Sevastopol, Crimean Peninsula, and there she recorded 257 kills. She was the most successful female sniper in history. 

4. Simo Hayha (17 December 1905 – 1 April 2002) 

Simo Hayha was a Finnish soldier. He has the highest number of confirmed snipers killed in any major war. He was so good that the Russian soldiers began to call him "White Death." During the 'winter war' (1939-1940) between Russia and Finland, his duties as a sniper began. And he had more than 505 confirmed kills, which lasted only 105 days. In addition to his sniper kills, he was also credited with 200 Suomi KP/31 Submachine gun, topping his total confirmed 705 kills.

5. Francis Pegahmagabow (9 March 1891 – 5 August 1952)

Francis Pegahmagabow was a Canadian First Nations soldier, politician, and activist. He was the most highly decorated Indigenous soldier in Canadian military history and the most effective sniper in the First World War, He was an expert marksman and scout, credited with 378 German kills and more than 300 captures. And he was also awarded medals for running messages through very heavy enemy fire, for directing a critical relief effort when his commanding officer was injured, and for running through enemy fire to get more ammo when his unit was running low. In 2003, the Pegahmagabow family donated their medals and chief headdress to the Canadian War Museum, where they can be seen as part of World War I.

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  1. Pretty good list here and some of these selections are not that famous, I know of Chuck Mawhinny, Simo Hayha and The Russian sniper, had not heard of the other two, great info

  2. Pretty good list here and some of these selections are not that famous, I know of Chuck Mawhinny, Simo Hayha and The Russian sniper, had not heard of the other two, great info