14 Rare Photos Showing The Unusual Side Of Our World

14 Rare Photos Showing The Unusual Side Of Our World

Nature has given mankind some of the most beautiful wonders in the world. When we think of all the incredible features of our vast planet Earth, it's hard to keep track of the beauty Mother Nature has given us. But there is nothing more powerful and profoundly dominant than nature itself. With the ability to destroy it all. Below are some rare photos showing the unusual side of our world:- 

1. A scared sloth after Hurricane Otto hit Costa Rica.

© wine-weed-wednesday / reddit

2. This Snake That Has Both Eyes In One Socket.


3. This Ice Looks Like An Eye.


4. This golf ball made almost entirely smooth by the ocean.

5. A Storm Literally Picked Up And Moved This Road.


6. “A tornado went through my hometown last night.”

© zmont420 / reddit

7. The power of a storm.

© Jitse / reddit

8. A swimming pool untouched by dirty floodwater.

© Goal1 / reddit

9. A mountain on fire in Tucson, Arizona.

© Isai76 / reddit

10. “My dad’s new superpower after a recent storm we had”

© unknown author / reddit

11. A hurricane damaged the boardwalk.

© aryeh95 / reddit

12. Fallen apples after Hurricane Ophelia in Ireland.

© shwarznegger / reddit

13. This ice leaf after an ice storm in St. Louis.

© Thund3rbolt / reddit

14.  A tower after a snowstorm.

© ErrorlessGnome / reddit

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  1. Rarely seen photos.....science is too far to reach the power of supremacy
    Man does not have to interfere in nature for his slavish mentality causes natural disaster ever