7 Reasons Why Women Attracted to Bad Boys That May Shock You

7 Reasons Why Women Attracted to Bad Boys That May Shock You

Almost every woman has had a friend dating a guy who was clearly a piece of bad news, but she just couldn't stop. Maybe it was you, the "mate." But why are so many women in real life falling in for bad boys? You may be surprised by the real reasons.

1. One of the key elements of a "bad guy" is a love of adventure and excitement. It seems to women that if a man does not live wildlife, it means that they are not suited to them. They can't get enough of that adventurous spirit.

2. Women even sometimes fall for the bad boy because they believe they can change their renegade and rebellious ways. However, if you're trying to build a relationship based on your need and wanting to change the behavior of your partner, you're on a damaging and destructive track. Most women have thought that they can change the habits of a bad boy and turn him into the loving, compassionate, and dedicated person they want him to be.

3. Girls prefer bad boys over others because they want a male figure who will defend them. Most of the women who feel helpless and fear crime are searching for a man who can protect them. In reality, their strong physical presence is the reason why women feel comfortable around them.

4. As the research shows, when they are most fertile, women are more attracted to masculine men in the middle of their menstrual cycle. "Men with very masculine characteristics can have higher quality genes, and on an unconscious evolutionary level, it may be appealing to women. When asked what they are looking for in an ideal partner, women prefer to mention qualities such as honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty. "In addition, they typically claim they should actively avoid rude, disrespectful or physically violent partners

5. Women were given scripts with profiles from 2 different men in one study, and they had to choose which one they preferred. Most women selected the profile with good physical attributes while the nice guy wasn't the final pick often. 

6. Bad boys would not have the power to attract girls if their level of confidence was weak. The argument is that they have such a high degree of confidence, it seems their personality is filled with it, which can be seen in their mates, the car they drive, the food they want to consume and so much more.

7. A psychologist, Robyn McKay, Ph.D., describes that girls with a suppressed rebellious inner side are readily drawn to people who are willing to free it from them. Usually, in girls, this trait was suppressed in childhood, and one of the easiest ways for them to get it all out is to start dating a rebellious guy. Simply, "Bad boys" free them from the obligation to be "good girls."

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