9 Mind-Blowing Facts That Instantly Boost Your Curiosity

9 Mind-Blowing Facts That Instantly Boost Your Curiosity

The world is filled with things that can't be explained. The more you know, the more you realize you don't know about it. But it is always interesting to know something unique and unexpected. Here are 9 mind-blowing facts that prove your life is a lie:- 

1. Egypt is not the country with the most pyramids. Researchers suggest that most pyramids in the world are found in Sudan. The total number of pyramids on its territory is approximately 255, which is twice as many as in Egypt.

2. The apple did not fall on the head of Isaac Newton. The Royal Society in London unveiled the original manuscript that describes Newton's work, and there was no evidence of the "apple incident." There's just a short note about how apples always fall straight to the ground.

3. There are no Olympic gold medals. The last time a true gold medal was awarded to a champion was in 1912. Since then, all competing athletes have won silver-gilt medals. The weight of gold in the medal corresponds to 1 % of the total weight.

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4. Not all potato chips are 100% potatoes. The secret of smooth and even chips is that they are only 40% potato flakes, while the rest is starch, flour, and water. All ingredients are mixed together and pressed into special molds. Traditional chips are thin potato slices that are fried in oil and can be recognized by their uneven edges and texture.

5. Mice, they don't like cheese. A new study reveals that mice really like foods that have much higher sugar content, such as grains and berries. Cheese is something that would not have been available to them in their natural environment.

6. Gravity is in outer space. If a person weighs 100 pounds on Earth, he'll weigh 90 pounds on the ISS. So why do people seem to be floating around? It's because the ISS and almost all objects in space are in relative free fall relative to the heavier object nearby.

7. The defibrillator can not restart the stopped heart. When the heart beats irregularly or too fast, a defibrillator is used to correct the rhythm. The stopped heart can only be restarted by an instant heart massage or CPR.

8. The Penguins have their knees. Dense feathers cover up a very interesting fact about the body of this creature. The legs, knees, and webbed legs are placed back on the body, giving the penguins their upright stance on the ground.

9. There are black apples. We tend to think of apples as being red, although there are, of course, some popular varieties of green and yellow. But did you know that there are black apples, too? Called Black Diamond apples, they are found in Tibet and come from the Hua Niu family of apples, also known as Chinese Red Delicious.

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