You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Your Children Failure in School Life

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Your Children Failure in School Life

Learning is not just the name of remembering or memorizing things on the go. Learning is provided by thinking that comes from the proper tutoring of the learners that usually belong to different segments and different strata of society. Thinking is the main component of learning. If children become able to think on their own then learning becomes an easy task to be completed. So, the improvements in thinking ability are the real parameter of learning students. 

Before children enter school, they have already started learning from various sources like their family, friends, neighbor, etc. They already possess basic skills like eating, washing, toilet etiquette, and many other things at the time of joining a school. Hence the teacher must install the values associated with the things that help children in being rational and able to think.

Children are full of ideas and thought due to their experiences. Their thought patterns are different from those of adults and are also expressed in different ways. Various experts have suggested theories on how children learn. The most popular one was proposed by Edward Thorndike. He said that learning is the result of associations forming between stimuli and responses.

Some students fail in school due to being afraid, bored, or confused. Others may fail due to poor and ineffective teaching methods used by teachers. The manifestation of such failure and their reasons are:-

Fear Sometimes there is an environment of fear of failure, humiliation, or disapproval in the classroom. to the responses to the student's answers to the questions. Too much confidence can prevent a student from acknowledging and improving on weaknesses. For some children, the very thought of not being able to succeed is enough to stop them from attempting anything at all.

Boredom When children are smaller, they do not attend school and can explore freely and indulge in activities that interest them. But when they start attending school, the teachers usually ask them to perform repetitive tasks that may not match their interests and needs. Thus, their capabilities and potential are not utilized. They feel bored with life at school and want to escape from it at any cost.

Poor Teaching Strategy Teachers' strategies often may not match the child's interests and capabilities. If these strategies create a fear of humiliation, the child may create a defense mechanism. This may show itself as either pretending not to understand something or, just to reverse act over-enthusiastic.

Lack of Motivation Children gets demotivated in school due to factors like lack of communication with the teacher, little interest in academics, classroom environment not being understood, etc.

Confusion A child may be confused due to the contradiction between what it learns at home before joining the school and what it is taught in school. The questions asked by the child to the teacher often do not get an answer which satisfies the child, unlike the home, where parents are more attentive.

Absence of Social Skills Children face many difficulties with their peers like teasing, bullying, loneliness, being ostracised, matters related to their gender particularly for girls, poor performance, etc. which may mentally disconnect them from the school environment.

To avoid failure or to tackle it when it looks likely, both parents and teachers must get involved. By following these steps:-

Skill Development Both teachers and parents must help the child to develop its reading, writing, mathematical, organizational, and social skills. This will help the child to face any future challenges in school life.

Increase in Motivation More motivation will drive the child to perform better in school. Success in academics and supports from parents will increase the child's self-esteem. This can be done by the teacher and parents providing constant positive feedback to the child. From the earliest age, children must know that all persons learn from their failures and then improve.

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