4 Signs You Have Anxious Attachment in Relationships

4 Signs You Have Anxious Attachment in Relationships

Relationships are all about sharing and taking. In their finest, they are a river of love and affection back and forth. Things go as smoothly as possible when we can adapt to the wishes and needs of another person and they can adapt to ours.

Will you keep calling your partner again and again if they don't get your call? Do you ever fear your partner won't be there for you when you need them? Then in your relation, you may be anxiously bound.

Anxious attachment is the attitude of an individual who constantly fears rejection and wanted to hold or control the partner. So if the partner does not adhere to, they become aggressive so bossy. People with anxious attachment are highly worried about being too much or too little. They have high expectations for their partner and intend the partnership to bring peace and happiness. They sometimes stick to their partner out of fear that they'll be left lonely.

Here are four signs that you have an anxious attachment style.

1. You suppress your needs.

A person with an anxious style of attachment aims at keeping things constantly positive. They believe that a successful relationship is one where no one ever gets distressed. To sustain this satisfaction, they also go outside of their own way to ensure that their partner gets every single thing, that's they want. In principle, it's sweet to be so generous to your mate, but it's not so good when you're continuously pushing your own needs and expectations back. When the fact that you force down all you want builds up to leave a person with emotional attachment disorder feeling frustrated and resentful towards their partner, it is probably not good.

2. Desperately looking for intimacy.

People with anxious relationships always like being with their partners. They can not acknowledge the fact that when they are in a relationship partners will have their own lives. For understanding, if you plan a party with your friends on a weekend night, your partner will not be happy with that. They also had no sense of individual freedom and may be overprotective.

3. You are obsessed with the relationship.

A person who is in an anxious relationship, it is what they keep thinking back most of their time. They are bound to the emotions of their partner and their needs. They are nervous that they spend enough time with their partner, or may not. But more than that, they spend their days thinking of all the horrific ways their partner will leave them. Rather than simply enjoying a relationship.

4. You Have perplexed thinking

An individual anxiously connected appears to see things in a different way than a normal person's. They search out little mistakes, evaluate them from different angles and conclude the negative, even though things are going well. Studies have found that anxious people appear to adhere to more negative and less encouraging aspects

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