Why Heredity Will Make You Question Everything

Why Heredity Will Make You Question Everything

A child receives a great impression of heredity and the environment upon him. The learning and behavioral tendencies are dependent on heredity and environment. Not only this but intelligence and character are also dependent on the environment. Heredity and environment put impact upon dissimilarities and personalities of the children.

What is Heredity, And Their Effects?

Human being has a common genetic structure but all humans carry different sets of genetic traits that they get from their parents. This includes eye color, hair color, body type, height, etc. Therefore, heredity can be defined as the transmission of genetic traits from parents to their children. 

The two most important factors in childhood development are Heredity and the Environment where the child spends most of the time majorly being in pre-school and otherwise at home with family and friends. Heredity is the transfer of traits from one generation to another generation with the help of chromosomes. Physical and Mental are two traits that together play a significant role in the transfer of total personality from parents to offspring.

Heredity also affects physical characteristics, A child inherits biological heredity that is transferred through genes and chromosomes. For instance, Parents with good height and a healthy physique generally have tall and strong children. A gene is a primary basis of Heredity. It is a section of DNA that comprises coded instructions. Therefore, Child development is largely affected by heredity factors. Specific genetic traits are responsible for the intelligence of a child and they associate IQ levels of parents and siblings. The ability of Effective Learning, analysis, and decision-making capacity develops from the level of intelligence that a child inherits. The mental abilities inherited by a child determine how the child develops emotionally. The kind of emotional development in a child then affects the way a child develops his social, moral, and linguistic skills. According to Dugwell, how a person's nature develops is also dependent on what the child inherits from its parents.

How important is Heredity?

➤ Heredity determines maturation, which is a factor affecting learning. Unfolding of genetically directed changes as the child developed basic motor skills like walking, running, and jumping emerge primarily as a result of neurological development, Increased strength, and muscular control, changes that are largely determined by inherited biological instructions.

➤ Heredity lays the foundation for the intellectual potential or ability of a child, thus showing its inborn talents. Every child inherits different types of intelligence from its parents.

➤ Heredity determines personality that is temperament. Children seem to have distinct temperaments almost from birth. The temperament of an individual dictates general activity level, adaptability, persistence, shyness, inhibition level, irritability, and distractibility. Temperament greatly affects learning. 

These factors influence the development of an individual. The child's potential is determined by heredity. But, the extent to which an individual develops these capabilities depends upon the opportunities in the environment. Heredity is what a person is born with. It is a specific combination of genes we inherit and is shown in characteristics like height and certain habits.

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