If You Think Your Child Is Different From Others? Then These 7 Factors Are Responsible for It

If You Think Your Child Is Different From Others? Then These 7 Factors Are Responsible for It

Child development is an ongoing process from birth until reaching adulthood and typically follows a pattern and a sequence which means that each step takes place at a certain age and in a usual order that is similar in most cases. two broad factors are influencing the development of children. They are as follows:-

Internal Factor:- These include heredity, physical, intelligence, and emotional factors.

1. Heredity:- The height, weight and body build of a child largely depends on genetic factors. It means that genetic materials operate throughout the entire period of growth. Heredity influences the growth rate of early maturers of late maturers. Genetic factors probably play the leading part in the differences between male and female patterns of growth.

2. Physical:- Physical factors can influence different aspects of child development in different ways. Sometimes, physical influences on child development are possible to control. Good nutrition adequately helps a child's development it affects the bones, muscles and internal organs. Consistent physical activities can do more for minimizing the risk of obesity and enhancing muscle growth.

3. Intelligence:- It has been seen that intelligence affects physical development. Intelligent children grow fast physically and children with low intelligence achieve their development tasks at a slower speed. Intelligence affects the thought process, creative thinking, and retention of information, thereby affecting the academic achievement of a child.

4. Emotional:- Emotional factors affect the child's social, mental, physical and moral level of development. It also affects language development. Balanced emotional development in a child helps to reciprocate feelings that are appropriate for one's age. Children having a more easy-going nature tend to have an easier time learning to regulate their emotions as well as responding to other people's emotions more positively.

External Factors:- These external factors influencing child development include family, physical environment and socio-economic conditions.

5. Family:- Family plays a very important role in shaping children. An affectionate bond between the parents and children helps in proper development. A bigger family tends to give moral values and education as well as support to the child. A small family makes the child independent. Children going through a stressful family environment and broken families experience learning disabilities. These emotional and social development is also affected negatively.

6. Physical environment:- The environment in which a child grows up, affects its mental, emotional and physical development. A physical environment such as pollution, noise level, overcrowding, poor quality housing and neighbourhoods qualities are significant in children's development. Pollution affects the health of children. Parents in crowded homes are less responsive to the needs of their children. Housing quality and the neighbourhood in which the child grows up shape the behaviour of a child.

7. Social-Economic Conditions:- A well-to-do family can send its children to good schools, inculcate hobbies and go on vacation where the children gather new experiences. This further increases their cognitive, physical and social skills. Children coming from less fortunate backgrounds face ill-health, depression, stress and lack of motivation, leading to improper physical, cognitive and social development.
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