How to Stay Motivated at Work When You Hate Your Job

How to Stay Motivated at Work When You Hate Your Job

According to Michel J. Jucious "Motivation is the process of attempting to influence others to get a desired course of action, to push the right button to get the desired action." Some kind of motivation is implicit directly or indirectly in any human endeavor. Motivation is an art of incentive and appeal through which an individual is stimulated to do a certain thing. In each phase of human life, motivation is very important. In a way, a man does nothing without any motivation which may pertain either to his family, personal, social, or national affairs. If one has the motivation for particular work, whether he will not start it or will leave it in the middle after starting it. Motivation is a tendency toward activity for achieving some immediate or remote goal. A motivation raises within an individual and it may be recognized by the work in which he appears to be actively engaged. Motivation arises in different ways in various persons according to their intentions and goal in life.

 A thief may have a motivation to steal, but the police have the motivation to catch the thief and hand him over to a judicial court. Workers of an industry may have motivation on some issues to start a strike. When that issue is solved they may find another issue after some time to begin a different agitation. An individual's growth is conditioned both by heredity and environment one's growth patterns are his mode of behavior. In this mode, motivation plays a very important role. There is material, social or spiritual; but it is there. Even in a selfless service rendered into someone, the goal may be a spiritual one or it may be to release one's tension to help others. For achieving a goal there is an inner restlessness that activates an individual. This inner restlessness may be regarded as motivation. We do many things daily as a matter of routine. We leave the bed in the morning. We refresh ourselves. We take our food, go to work and come back in the evening. We watch television films or listen to radio music. All these so-called activities are just a matter of routine and strictly speaking, no particular motivation is involved except that we do such things just to live as comfortably. But in many of our other activities, some kind of motivation is necessary.

  • Motivation propelling towards work:- We find that persons appointed on the same scale of pay in an industry or at any other place have different types of motivations. Some have the motivation to support their families in a more decent possible so that they may become big people for controlling certain things in society. Some may have the motivation to reach the parliament and ultimately central the affairs of the state. Thus we find that various types of inequalities existing in our society stimulate different persons with varying motivations. Directly or indirectly these motivations constructively energize us for achieving something really good or in an aggressive manner the harms someone to go ahead by fair or foul means.
  • Internal and external motivation:- In a context of an industry we may think of two types of motivation internal and external. Such incentives as introducing the desired changes in the method of work, prize, promotion, and special increment in salary may be regarded as external motivations due to which the worker feels satisfaction and pride for being in the industry. The internal motivation has to be felt by the worker within himself. He may feel internally motivated if his services are recognized by the manager or the supervisor. Then he feels satisfaction for doing the work he is engaged in. This feeling of satisfaction affects his entire behavior in the industry. He develops a sense of self-determination and freedom.

  • Psychologists have described the term Motivations:-
  • The immediate influence on the direction, vigor, and persistence of actions.
  • The process of arousing action, sustaining the activity in progress, and regulating the pattern of activity.
  • An inner state that energizes activities and directs or channels behavior towards a goal.
  • Steering one's action towards a certain goal and committing a certain part of one's energies to react to them.

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