Here Are 4 Psychological Reasons Why You Are Not Feeling Job Satisfaction

Here Are 4 Psychological Reasons Why You Are Not Feeling Job Satisfaction

                        Job satisfaction is related to the policy that the management generally adopts about salary and modes of promotion. The nature of colleagues also influences the level up to which a worker will satisfy or enjoy his work. The kind of feeling of responsibility on the part of the worker may also be a determining factor in his job satisfaction. there are various factors that are responsible for job satisfaction:-

  • Salary:- Salary is a major factor because today with many workers the amount of salary has become most important in their thinking. Such workers for very scant gains go on shifting from one job to another. Many employees in government offices and other private establishments go on strike just for increments of their emoluments and facilities and they do not love their job so much as they do their mundane gains. Such employees are never tired of pressurizing the management for more facilities for medicine, pension, grants for the education of children and building houses and provident fund, etc. Certain studies show that salary is considered as a prestige symbol and workers in other establishments enjoying higher salaries are regarded as superiors even though they are not given other facilities. Thus salary is closely related to job satisfaction.
  • Promotion:- Chances of promotion encourages each worker even when some other facilities are lacking so the possibility of promotion motivates a worker for putting in his best. Thus he derives great satisfaction from his job. If there are no chances of promotion, the morale of workers is generally low and they do not feel satisfied with their jobs. The feeling of promotion influences each worker. The worker who gets the desired promotion feels elevated and the one who does not get it may secure it with harder work at his job. Thus, promotion is a vital factor for job satisfaction. It is generally seen that the feeling of promotion is more acute in workers in the intellectual area and less in-person engaged in physical labor.
  • Types of colleagues:- Types of colleagues with whom one has to work are very important in job satisfaction. If colleagues happen to be of bad nature suffering from vicious habits, a particular worker may not like their association. In such a situation he can not feel any job satisfaction and he will try to quit at the earliest opportunity. In each and every sphere of work, there may be some worker whose main job is to harm others for his own gains. Such a worker loses the satisfaction of his job and disturbs the peace of others. In fact, such neurotic works like a disease against the health of the entire establishment.
  • Feeling of responsibility:- If a worker is entrusted with some responsibility in preference to some other workers, he feels happy, because he thinks that he has been considered worthy of the same. Certain studies have revealed that those workers who are given some special responsibility have greater satisfaction in their job. The feeling of responsibility creates a favorable attitude for the job at hand. So as far as possible, a worker should be given some special responsibility according to his ability.

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