Man Reveals a Simple Trick to Revive Dying Plants 'Using His Own Hair'

Man Reveals a Simple Trick to Revive Dying Plants 'Using His Own Hair'

Keeping plants alive can be difficult, especially for those who do not have natural green thumbs. Some believe that, unlike children and pets, plants cannot tell us what the problem is.

On the other hand, plants have a variety of signals that they use to indicate when they are sick or dying.

When a plant is infested with disease, it is easy to see. Growth slows, stunts, or becomes spindly; leaves may yellow, develop spots, or show white powdery blotches. The affected leaves eventually fall off. Stems may become soft and mushy, with visible black tissue near the soil.

Many people struggle to keep plants alive at first, but with time, practice, and a little guidance, anyone can learn to do it.

However, some people approach situations in novel ways; for example, a man recently posted on social media a strange trick for reviving dying plants "using his own hair."

In a TikTok video, a man claims that plants can be revived by using clumps of our hair.

Armen Adamjan of Rhode Island devised the simple trick while looking for a way to put his stray hairs to good use.

In the video, he can be seen removing a clump of hair from his hairbrush before burying it beneath the plant's soil. He then goes on to explain why his unconventional method works so well.

"Every day, I research ways to simplify daily life and repurpose things we normally throw out," said Armen.

"Most of my ideas happen spontaneously, as with the plant hair trick."

"I awoke and brushed my hair, and as I looked at the hairbrush, I wondered if the hair could be used for anything.' 'I discovered that hair is high in nitrogen, which seemed strange at first."

Adamjan explained how he figured out the trick.

"I knew that nitrogen is crucial in the growth of plants - without nitrogen, plants turn yellow and cannot grow taller," he told The Mirror.

"Human hair contains high amounts of nitrogen and the best part is that it takes a while for it to biodegrade, which means every time you water your plants, nitrogen gets released into the soil."

"If one of your plants suddenly stops growing or the bottom leaves are turning yellow, it could mean that it's missing nitrogen."

"This is when I decided to do an experiment: two identical plants (at the same growth stage) with the same quality soil."

"However, in one of them, I buried a ball of hair next to the stem of the plant. Over the next six weeks, the plant with the hair buried grew faster and taller than the one without".

He repeated the experiment and stated that he was "honestly a little surprised" by seeing the results quickly.

Adamjan shared the video with his 1.2 million TikTok followers and 101,000 Instagram followers.

The video has over 97,000 views across both platforms, with 8,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people who were astounded to learn this trick.

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