Zone Of Silence ― A Place Where No Radio Signals Work

Zone Of Silence ― A Place Where No Radio Signals Work

This universe is made up of many secrets. The Mapimi silent zone is also one of those whose reality, despite so many struggles, is still unrevealed. The Mapimi Silent Zone is the popular name for a desert patch near the Bolsón de Mapimi in Durango, Mexico.

It's a space covered in thousands of myths — reports claim that radio waves cannot be transmitted in certain areas of the silent zone due to local magnetic fields, aliens, and "earth energy" among other explanations.

The Mapimi Silent Zone is believed to possess distinctive magnetic properties due to its iron ore and uranium deposits. This could also be due to the heavy meteorite activity taking place here.

In the Silent Zone, asteroids and galactic stone showers are usually continuous — meteorites older than our galaxy and solar system have been found there.

The first incident here occurred in the 1930s, when a pilot named Francisco Sarabia was flying over the area, claiming that his instruments had gone wild, the compass was unable to point north, and radio had stopped working. Later, in July 1970, attention was drawn to the area where an Athena RTV test rocket launched from the Green River Launch Complex in Utah to the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico lost control and crash in the Mapimi Desert region.

The rocket was equipped with the latest and advanced radio technology and was capable of sending its credential and location to the radio system. After the rocket was fired, everything was fine, and the radio station was tracking the rocket smoothly unless it entered the silent zone.

When the rocket was launched, it was carrying two small containers of radioactive material cobalt 57. 

After entering the silent zone, the communication between the rocket and the radio station was interrupted, and for several hours the U.S. military had no idea where the rocket was. 

Upon obtaining permission from the Government of Mexico, NASA rocket engineer Wernher von Braun was sent with a special team from the U.S to investigate the crash.

For 17 days, they were unable to find any clues. After a lot of struggle and hard work, they were able to reach the place where the rocket was crashed. The rocket was grounded far away from the target. Seeing this, the U.S. Army was blown away, they had no idea how it had happened. Even, the most surprising thing was that despite being away from the target, why didn't the rocket explode.

After investigation, scientists reported that a certain section of the desert is a dead zone. Within that zone, no form of communication could be established. The zone had a very powerful magnetic field, almost as powerful as the North Pole. There was also a shift area that prevented any form of signal from flowing; whether it be radio, television, shortwave, microwave, or satellite signals.

Several myths and stories about the area arose as a result of the US Air Force recovery operation.

Various other unexplainable, activities of this nature are reported here, such as UFO sightings, and alien encounters. Some even believe that it was used as a time portal for aliens. But, there is no concrete evidence has been found to support claims of extraterrestrial activity in this area, although there are undoubtedly many incidents that cannot be explained.

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