20 Amazing Artifacts That History Nerds Will Love

20 Amazing Artifacts That History Nerds Will Love

Historical artifacts and photographs never fail to fascinate us – they are like mysterious keys to other cultures. Artifacts are objects made by human beings that, as time passes, come to represent a cultural or historical moment and also bring memories and meanings to life.

Check out some of the greatest and most inexplicable artifacts ever discovered. These amazing artifacts will amaze you:- 

1. The oldest known globe to depict the Americas was made on the lower halves of 2 ostrich eggs (1504).

© taybgxo13 / imgur

2. Foldable portable globe (1852).

© taybgxo13 / imgur

3. The Lycurgus cup is an ancient Roman cage cup showing the mythical King Lycurgus. It changes color depending on the light that shines on it. It is the only complete Roman object made from this type of glass. It dates from the 4th century A.D.

© Moxhoney411 / Reddit

4. Gauntlet of “Lion” armor of Henry II, king of France, 1550.

© innuendoPL / Reddit

5. Wig made of human hair (circa 1543–1292 BC).

© Museum Archive / twitter

6. Tutankhamun’s sandals.

© taybgxo13 / imgur

7. Antique multipurpose tool from Nuremberg (16th century).

© RennBear / imgur

8. Designed in the late 1770s this incredible little robot called simply The Writer, was designed and built by Swiss-born watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz.

© bigmeat / Reddit

9. One of the oldest diving suits (18th century).

© taybgxo13 / imgur

10. Court dress of Empress Maria Feodorovna, Russia, St. Petersburg, ca. 1820.

© SirCalvin / Reddit

11. The Aztec Sun Stone. Housed at the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. Carved some time between 1502 and 1521.

© ParaMike46 / Reddit

12. The flag of the Spanish warship San Ildenfonso, which fought against the British fleet led by Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar (1805).

© taybgxo13 / imgur

13. Silk Gentleman's Suit, France, 1774-1797. Embroidery with silk floss, embroidered buttons. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

© TarTarianPrincess / Reddit

14. 2000-year-old Roman face cream/lotion. Dating back to II AD. The object was found in the temple complex dedicated to Mars. It's the world's oldest cosmetic face cream and it has finger marks in the lid.

© innuendoPL / Reddit

15. Stockings, 1830, cotton/silk.

© PythiaPhemonoe / Reddit

16. Roman glass bowl, c. 0-100 CE; Made by millefiori technique: slowly melting different-colored glass rods, fusing them together, cutting them into discs, placing them in a mould, and finally polishing them. In Thorvaldsen Museum, Denmark.

© TheSanityInspector / Reddit

17. The seal securing the entrance to the tomb of King Tutankhamun. When this photo was taken in 1923 the seal had remained intact for more than 3200 years.

© Worsaae / Reddit

18. Roman gold ingot from the 4th century CE, found in 1887 in Crasna (Romania).

© Ruspandon / Reddit

19. Plaque with jewels, butterfly decor, and jade centerpiece depicting a goose and falcon. China, Yuan dynasty, 13th century.

© MunakataSennin / Reddit

20. "9000-year-old cave painting in Tassili cave Algeria. Depicting a shaman during psychedelic mushroom use."

© gillbeats / Reddit

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