16 Most Unusual And Interesting Trees On The Planet

16 Most Unusual And Interesting Trees On The Planet

Trees are an important part of our life. They change carbon dioxide into the oxygen that we breathe, sequester carbon, and also provide shelter for countless critters. There are many reasons why we need to hug trees. But, Sometimes we found trees that look like something else. From frightening to those who defy the laws of nature.

Here we've collected several photos of some of the most uniquely strange and stunning trees on the planet:-

1. It’s like a squirrel’s answer to a roller-coaster.

© d416 / Reddit

2. The Top Of A Tree Was Blown Off In A Storm. Now It Looks Like A Dude Out For A Stroll.

© mdegroat/ Reddit

3. Who put those eyes in the tree.

© 2manyToys/ Reddit

4. Found A Tree That Looks Like A Dragon.

© BallsToYouMyGoodSir/ Imgur

5. A Tree Enjoying A Meal.

© korrupt-wolf/ Reddit

6. This tree looks like straight-up broccoli.

© Bdogg242/ Reddit

7. This tree fell over and grew 4 more trees out of itself.

© expatriate77 / Reddit

8. Tree-Rex.

© Karengaroj/ Reddit

9. This tree grew out of the stump of a dead tree and then the stump rotted away.

© DanbroMongoose/ Reddit

10. Tree roots extend across a gap to the mainland for nutrients.

© Proteon/ Reddit

11. Years of grooming to avoid power lines made this muscle tree strong.

© jimbinator / Imgur

12. Tree that was shaped by strong winds.

© Unknown / Imgur

13. A tree's root spills over the sidewalk.

© worldbeyondyourown / Reddit

14. An Ent.

© abruski/ Imgur

15. Devil Tree.

© Lukeram/ Imgur

16. The Only Tree That Survived The Tsunami In Japan Between 70,000 Trees. Today Protected And Restored.

© Cyrille111/Reddit

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