The Most Extreme And Isolated House In The World ― Ellidaey

The Most Extreme And Isolated House In The World ― Ellidaey

Pictures of the white house began to go viral after they were posted to Instagram. The pictures show a picturesque log cabin perched on a green hillside, surrounded by blue seas on either side.

This seems to be the most remote house in the world, and the image of a small, isolated house has given rise to a host of theories about who lives there.

This house is located on Ellidaey, an incredibly beautiful remote island south of Iceland. If you're traveling to this tiny little island, you'll find a single house on a grassy pasture, surrounded by blue seas. This small island is part of Vestmannaeyjar, which comprises a cluster of beautiful islands located near the southern tip of Iceland. 

Today, the island is deserted, but once it was inhabited by five families. The last family left in the 1930s and the island has been uninhabited since then.

According to one rumor, it was built by an eccentric billionaire who planned to retreat to Ellidaey in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Others suggested that it was the property of a fanatically religious hermit.

It was even speculated at one point that Bjork's singing sensation had owned a strange house and had even been in negotiations with the government to buy the island to build a home and a recording studio.

In reality, however, Bjork did not make such a request, and the rumor was quickly debunked. According to the Australian news network news.com.au, Bjork had briefly discussed another island with the Icelandic government in the early 2000s, but had withdrawn from the project following a negative press reaction.


The house is located on the island of Ellidaey is owned by the Ellidaey Hunting Association. Built-in the 1950s, it serves as a hunting cabin and a sauna for members of the association that hunts puffins. The building does not have electricity, running water, or indoor plumbing. The only source of water used for sauna, cooking, and drinking is the rainwater collection system located in the lodge.

This island is populated by flocks of puffins, and since Ellidaey Island was the best place to hunt puffins, this small house served as a temporary residence for hunters who visited the island during hunting seasons.

Ellidaey has been featured in numerous reports and articles, fueling speculation about the island and the owner of its mysterious house. Many people believed the house was photoshopped in the images, while others believed it belonged to the Ellidaey Hunting Association.

Although Ellidaey may not be home to an eccentric billionaire or a music legend, it remains a bird's-life paradise for many birds or puffins living on the island, and Ellidaey is also a major nesting area for storm petrels and other seabirds. For this reason, it is officially designated as a nature reserve and a protected area.

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