Meet Imma - A Japanese Virtual Model Who Has More Than 330k Followers On Instagram

Meet Imma - A Japanese Virtual Model Who Has More Than 330k Followers On Instagram

Japan is often the leader in technological advances, they have done it again this time by introducing the world's first CGI fashion model. Meet Imma, the Japanese virtual model whose realistic features are actually created by talented graphic artists.

Imma is created by using the same 3D rendering technology, and designers pay close attention to such models while structuring the software.

These virtual models are known as CGI models – where CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. Designers use their high-end software and 3D architectural skills to make this imagination a reality.

Modern technology has made a significant breakthrough over the last few decades, and will not slow down. It has come to a point where things are often not as they seem, so basically, it's hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what's animated, and here's the 'not so living' proof of that—Imma. 

Imma is a photogenic Asian model that blows social media. Imma got more than 330k followers on Instagram, and if you look at her Instagram posts and comments, it seems that people still don't know she's unreal.

Imma was created by Tokyo-based company ModelingCafe Inc, a company that specializes in CG modeling. Who has worked on Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, Shin Godzilla, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and more. They created Imma with stunning attention to detail, including dark roots on her pink dyed hair, and from facial expressions to hair and makeup to distinctive style. The ultimate goal of the company is to combine this CG construction with an AI program capable of real-time animation. Imma takes her name from the Japanese word Ima, which, ironically, translates to 'now'.

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Imma's fashion career has already begun, and she has even graced the cover of CGWorld magazine. "I'm interested in Japanese culture," she said on her Twitter bio. "I want to attract people to the fashion show." This may be a step towards more CG people being used as models, but what does this mean for the industry as a whole? There are mixed feelings about this when you think about the future of human jobs. However, from an artistic point of view, it's hard to deny how impressive Imma is.

But no doubt, it's too early to say that, these virtual models are threatening to professional human models, As these virtual models have just started, and real talent will always be important, too. AI is never going to completely replace humans. With humans, the sense of fashion, control, and decision-making is still inherent.

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