24 Times Shadows Turned Ordinary Pictures Into A Masterpiece

24 Times Shadows Turned Ordinary Pictures Into A Masterpiece

Simply, a shadow is an absence of light, it forms because light travels in straight lines. When an opaque object or substance is placed in the path of light rays. The opaque material does not allow light to pass through it. The light rays that pass through the edges of the material form the outline of the shadow.

Sometimes the shadows look so disconcerting that they change the way we see things. Sometimes it really looks like the shadows are trying to tell us a different story of reality.

Here we have collected several photos where shadows turned an ordinary picture into a masterpiece:-

1. It looks like the shadow of this bench is falling into pixels.

© cool_enough / Reddit

2. The shadow of this leaf I found while hiking kind of looks like a dancing fairy.

© isarealboy13 / Reddit

3. Oh my gosh, we missed it after all...

© Itsonlypacman /Imgur

4. The shadow cast by my engagement ring looks like Batman.

© sushi17 / Reddit

5. The shadow of this tree creates the illusion of a gap in the fence behind it.

© alagiglia / Reddit

6. This dog’s shadow is an almost perfect arrow pointing right at you.

© kibitzor / Reddit

7. My steamer casts a shadow that looks like a witch.

© shadow-boxer / Reddit

8. These flowers at my parents’ place cast a squirrel shadow.

© elkie3 / Reddit

9. This shaker ball shadow blew our minds!

© TheGaelicBeagle / Imgur

10. My dog’s shadow turned me into a centaur.

© jaxinator / Reddit

11. This shadow is evolving.

© zaquerie / Reddit

12. This shadow is cast from 2 different trees in my parking lot.

© UnholyFire23 / Reddit

13. A phone cord shadow that looks like DNA.

© uberkalden / Reddit

14. The animals are standing still, but their shadows are floating.

© anamatko / Reddit

15. The way my planter’s shadow looks like an alligator.

© LaBisquit / Reddit

16. Jack Skellington or a creepy clown?

© nibers / Reddit

17. Only 3 spiral ornaments and the rest are the shadows they cast.

© frogs-and-flowers / Reddit

18. The shadow from this lamp almost gave me a heart attack.

© Noonifer / Reddit

19. Only the prescription lens of these glasses casts the shadow.

© ChazMoonBeam / Reddit

20. Who’s ever thought about this?

© empw / Reddit

21. Even a small leaf can be a real dragon.

© unknown / Imgur

22. Accidents are not accidental.

© Dax1630 /Imgur

23. "2 girls casting a gorilla shadow."

© PrimalMusk / Reddit

24. This shadow opens a portal to another world.

© imbugss /Imgur

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1 Response to "24 Times Shadows Turned Ordinary Pictures Into A Masterpiece"

  1. Playing with shadows can take a creative mind to fantasy world, going beyond one's normal imaginations. Thus, came into public show of theatres, long back about 50-60 years, shadows on white screens human and animal figures in interactive modes, generated out of constructive playing with finger-folds in either silent, or with background musics -- I guess, an idea that came from puppet shows.
    These photographs strongly create some such constructive art of immense values, of course in minds with cultural bents. Expressions of forms which need not exclusive narrations in words.
    Balendra nath Lahiri, 08Jan2021.