Olivia Farnsworth - the 'Bionic' Girl Who Doesn't Feel Hunger, Pain, or the Need to Sleep

Olivia Farnsworth - the 'Bionic' Girl Who Doesn't Feel Hunger, Pain, or the Need to Sleep

Olivia Farnsworth is a little girl who is believed to be the only person in the world to show the three symptoms of "chromosome 6 deletion". "Chromosome 6 deletion" is a rare chromosome condition that stops Olivia from feeling hunger, tiredness or fatigue, and pain.

This strange disorder even allows her to go without sleeping and feeding for five to six days. Her life is unbelievably strange, surrounded by an unexplained mystery of science.

Her condition was diagnosed at the age of five when she had fallen, and her lower teeth had passed through her lower lip. Although she needed surgery, she didn't feel any pain, and her calmness was shocking to everyone.

In 2016, when Olivia was 7 years old, she went out with her mother and ran over. Eventually, she was struck by a car and dragged about 100 feet down the road.

After that terrible accident, Olivia was just like that, "What's going on? ". "She just got up and started walking back to her mother without shedding a tear."

Because of the impact, she was supposed to have had serious injuries. She had a tire mark on her chest. But her only injuries were that she had no skin on her toe or hip. 

Olivia Farnsworth's case has mystified the doctors. They have admitted that this is a rare disorder in medical history.

Olivia Farnsworth with her Mother Niki Trepak
(Image: SWNS)

Olivia's mother, Nikki Trepak, said that the signs of Olivia's condition began when she was only a few months old. "Since she was a baby, I always thought it was weird she rarely cried. I used to tell that my baby has superpowers and feels no pain, but I could never believe that this would be true! When she fell, and she injured her lips, the doctors knew that something wasn't right the moment they saw her."

Getting Olivia to eat properly is also a big challenge for her mother because she's not getting hungry. According to Niki, She lived on Butter Sandwich for almost a year.

Most people believe that Olivia is superhuman, but she is not. But she's different from us. Former research biologist Dr. Beverly Searle said this is a scarce case.

There are only 100 people with '6p' chromosome disorder in the global database, but Olivia is the only person with all three symptoms of no pain, sleep, and hunger.

Olivia has a normal life today. She's eating, not because she's hungry, but because Olivia's mother always ensures that Olivia does not skip meals and consumes the calories needed to make herself healthy. She's taking medicine to sleep 6 hours a day. In addition, they take weekly medical examinations to check that she has no internal injuries or illnesses.

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