Doctor Claims To "Reverse" Aging With Pure Oxygen Treatment

Doctor Claims To "Reverse" Aging With Pure Oxygen Treatment

Totally astounding discovery, researchers in Israel have found a new way to reverse the aging process, that of using only oxygen. Israeli scientists say that they have not only succeeded in stopping the biological aging process, but also in reversing it.

A new study from Tel Aviv University and the Shamir Medical Center administered high-pressure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, and as a result, they concluded that by doing so, they were able not only to stop but also to reverse two processes related to illness and aging.

The trial included 35 participants over the age of 64 and they were given 90 minutes of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) treatment every day. The process has been continued for three months, five times a week. Research has shown that using HBOT telomeres (chromosome ends) could shorten and the accumulation of old and malfunctioning cells in the body could be reversed.

The research showed that the treatments actually reversed the aging process in two of its main aspects: at the end of the chromosomes, telomeres increased longer rather than shorter, at a rate of 20-38% for different cell types, and the percentage of senescent cells in the overall cell population decreased significantly by 11-37% depending on the cell type.

Shai Efrati, a professor at Tel Aviv University, told The Jerusalem Post that the study indicates that the cellular basis for the aging process can be reversed.

"Today, telomere shortening is considered to be the 'Holy Grail' of aging biology," he said.

"Researchers around the world are trying to develop pharmacological and environmental interventions that will allow the elongation of telomeres. Our HBOT protocol has been able to do this, proving that the aging process can actually be reversed at the basic cellular-molecular level".

"However, the duration of these effects has yet to be determined over the long term and the study was limited by its sample size. Also, it was noted that this experiment was carried out using a scientifically monitored HBOT chamber and that people should not try to replicate it on their own".

Some other doctors say that claims should be treated with caution.

Yoram Maaravi, a geriatrician, who is unconnected to the research, told The Times of Israel, "I'm skeptical that one manipulation can reverse aging, a complicated process with many factors".

He also said, "Telomeres are widely believed to be one of several factors that have an impact on aging, not a single factor that can simply turn time back. And he argued that it is too early in the telomere study to make bold statements that lengthening them will address aging, as much of the knowledge today consists of inferences for humans drawn from studies of mice."

Will this treatment keep people alive longer? It has not yet been determined, we can just hope that future research will produce positive results.

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