8 Fun Facts About What Makes Men And Women Different

8 Fun Facts About What Makes Men And Women Different

Women are not just curvy versions of men. The female body and mind are marvelous, and it is no secret that men and women are different, very different. The differences between men and women, however, extend beyond what the eye can see. Here are 8 fun facts about what makes men and women different:-

1. Men and women Do see the world differently. Men's eyes are more sensitive to small details and moving objects, while women are more sensitive to color changes, women actually see more color gradations than men do.

2. Women have two X chromosomes that give them a greater variety of cones than men who have only one X chromosome. Women not only have more color vision, but they also have more peripheral vision than men. Many women's peripheral vision is effective at almost 180 degrees.

3. Women have a heightened sense of smell. Women consistently score significantly higher than men on standard smelling ability tests-including odor detection, discrimination, and identification. Smell receptors in the nose send their signals to the olfactory bulb via the olfactory nerve. The olfactory bulb is the brain's first stop for odor information. Women have more cells in the olfactory bulb: 16.2 million cells in the average female, compared with 9.2 million cells in the average male.

4. Research shows that the average woman smiles 62 times a day, and the average man only smiles 8 times a day. What's more, smiling is good for you! It releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides that fight stress. It also activates the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, which can lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

5. Science has shown that women are better than men to read people's thoughts and emotions. They have the ability to read people's faces, to decode their emotions and feelings perfectly. This helps them to be more empathetic towards others and to communicate with them better. In addition, some studies show that women have a perfect memory of facial features.

6. Males and females differ in some aspects of their brains, notably the overall difference in size, with males having larger brains on average (between 8 percent and 13 percent larger), but this has no effect on cognitive abilities.

7. Men and women think differently, at least when it comes to brain anatomy, according to a new study. The brain consists primarily of two different types of tissue, called gray matter and white matter. This new study reveals that men are thinking more with their gray matter and women are thinking more with white.

8. A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience suggests that the female brain has higher protein levels. US researchers have found that those with more Foxp2, known as the "language protein," were the chattier in their brains. Women were among humans, but in rats it was males. This large amount of protein helps an average woman to speak about 20,000 words a day which is more than 13,000 words the average man speaks.

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