6 Interesting Historical Facts You Won't Learn Anywhere Else

6 Interesting Historical Facts You Won't Learn Anywhere Else

It's important to know your history — not just the big names and key dates, but the little details that help us better understand the historical figure or era in which they lived. History is not a boring subject it is more interesting than we think.

Here are 6 interesting historical facts you won't learn anywhere else:-

1. In 1140, when King Konrad 3 captured an opposition castle, the women of the castle were granted free departure and allowed to take what they could carry on their backs. Thinking fast, the women carried the men on their backs. The king kept his word, and let the men live.

2. Rosalie Ida Straus (February 6, 1849 – April 15, 1912) was an American homemaker and the co-owner of Macy's department store. She and her husband Isidor died on the RMS Titanic. He refused to go to a lifeboat before women and children, and his wife refused to leave without him. She said, "I'm not going to be separated from my husband. As we've lived, so we're going to die together." They were last seen standing on the deck, arm in arm.

3. During the Second World War, an American pilot named Owen J. Baggett became famous for shooting down a Japanese aircraft using his pistol while parachuting. 
The plane of Baggett was severely damaged, and several hits to the fuel tanks set on fire. The crew was forced to bail out, and the Japanese pilots then began attacking U.S. airmen as they parachuted to the ground. Two of the crewmen were killed in the air, but Baggett, who had been wounded, hoping that the enemy pilots would ignore him. But one Ki-43 fighter, however, flew close to Baggett and slowed down to make sure. Baggett saw the pilot open his canopy and decided to take the opportunity. He drew his.45-caliber M1911 pistol and fired four shots at the pilot. Then he watched the plane stall and plunge toward the ground.

4. In 1953, due to high speed, the F11 fighter shot itself because it was faster than its own bullet. On September 21, 1956, a Grumman test pilot flying a Tiger off the coast of Long Island dropped his nose 20 degrees and pointed it at an empty spot of the ocean. He fired a brief, four-second burst of his four 20-millimeter Colt Mk.12 cannons, stepped into a steeper descent, and hit the afterburners. A minute later, suddenly his windshield caved in and his engine began to make weird noises, eventually conking out as the pilot returned to Grumman's Long Island airfield. Later, the accident investigation revealed the cause: the pilot had accidentally flown into his own 20-millimeter cannon round stream.

5. Despite being known as the fastest surgeon of his time, Dr. Robert Liston is famous for performing the only surgery with a 300 percent mortality rate. Robert Liston performed a leg amputation on a patient lying flat on his table. He was so focused on his speed as he brought down his knife that he took off his surgical assistant's fingers along with the patient's leg. As he swung the knife back up, the spectator's coattails clipped, and he collapsed, dead. Both the patient and Liston 's assistant died after their wounds had been infected, and the spectator who had collapsed was later found to have died from shock. The three deaths made Liston's surgery the only one recorded with a 300 percent mortality rate.

6. Violet Jessop, a ship nurse. She served on each of the Titanic, Britannic, and Olympic. While she was on board the Olympic collided with a warship and almost sank, the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank, the Britannic hit an underwater mine and sank. Violet had survived all three of them.

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  1. Historical facts are always very interesting. Mostly the the people who are interested to know about the history.