18 People Who Took Laziness To Another Level

18 People Who Took Laziness To Another Level

Efficiency is one of the key aspects of laziness. People who want things done are more likely to get them done faster when they're lazy than when they're inspired. Even though laziness has a negative stigma associated with it, sometimes there are lazy geniuses who know how to get things done quickly, well, and on time.

Here are 18 people who took laziness to another level:-

1. When your hands are too tired, but you still gotta eat:
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2. Walking? No, that's too much work.

© JustinAlger/imgur

3. How lazy people eat watermelon while enjoying TV shows:

© Despacitojustin/reddit

4. He's either lazy or hasn't made a decision yet.

© duneracer2/twitter

5. This is how engineering students deal with trash bins.

© hubybubby / reddit

6.  Necessity is the mother of invention.
© Forlurn/Reddit

7. My lazy little brother found a quicker way to learn English letters.

© Im_that_stupid/reddit

8. Who needs modern technology when employees are so inventive?

© unstablereality/reddit

9. The kid with excellent coloring skills.

© Theturdninja / reddit

10. I was too lazy to keep getting up and check if the pot was boiling, so I just Skyped it.

© itoa5t/reddit

11. People call it laziness, I call it smartness.
© GeoKureli/Reddit

12. Right, why would you even leave the car?

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13. Why do you have to walk when you can take your grandchild's skateboard and ride?

© FreddyAmazin/twitter

14. Getting up from the couch — who needs that?

© Barkboy63

15. When the soup is too hot:

© Shishamylov / reddit

16. Is he a genius or what?

© Unknown/Imgur

17. When you don't want to move but you still need to cook:

© UncleJohnsBand / imgur

18. He made an iPad holder out of the newspaper for the flight.

© mwasbabu16 / imgur

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