18 Panoramic Photo Fails That Turned Out To Be Masterpieces

18 Panoramic Photo Fails That Turned Out To Be Masterpieces

Panoramic images can be stunning if they're done right-a spectacular view stretching beyond the scope of peripheral vision, all in one frame. Since the panorama is just a collage of images seamlessly stitched together to appear as one large panoramic view image, the process of producing one must be handled slowly and with a steady hand. If one element budges even slightly from the position, it was held in the previous frame, by the time it all merges together, you're left with a nightmarishly funny picture.

Here are 18 panoramic photo fails that turned out to be masterpieces:-

1. Seeing a "caterpillar" is normal when it comes to panoramas.

© dragonxp1 / reddit.com


2. Don't use panorama with a moving goat.

© Louis83 / reddit.com

3. "For some reason, my aunt can't figure out how to take panoramic shots on her phone, which leads to a lot of horrible but great photos like this one from Niagara Falls."

© psalmoflament / imgur.com

4. Panorama has its own view of your body shape...

© aaronguitarguy / reddit.com

5. "My kid took a panoramic photo of me that went horribly right."

© mcphadenmike / reddit.com

6. "My dog is Cerberus."

© Pufferchung / reddit.com

7. Not the best picture of someone's girlfriend.

© NearlyOutOfMilk / reddit.com

 8. ...and you probably won't like it.

© weskbob / reddit.com

9. Something went wrong.
© CobeySmith / reddit.com

10. For true surrealism lovers.

© reddit.com

 11. Panorama refuses to follow the laws of physics.

© gandalfisadrugdealer / reddit.com

 12. "One of the reasons I don't take panoramic pics of my dog anymore."

© Knoxs / reddit.com

13. "My head went hiking."

© imgur/ sunflash2009

14. Took A Panoramic Photo At A Museum And Ended Up Making It Look Like This Girl Has The Ultimate Selfie Hand.


15. I Took A Panoramic Picture Of Our Living Room. But My Cat Decided To Walk Through.


16. This Is What Happens When You Take A Panoramic Shot Of A Horse In Motion.


17. My Phone Has A Wide Selfie Feature Similar To A Panorama. You Need To Sit Still For It To Work. My Girlfriend Sneezed, And This Happened.


18. Speaking Of Panoramas.


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