If You Don’t Know What to Do with Your Life, This Is For You

If You Don’t Know What to Do with Your Life, This Is For You

Often in life, we find ourselves at a dead-end, or at a crossroads, or on a path that seems to go nowhere and think, "I don't know what to do with my life ..."
Don't worry, you're not alone. In reality, you're part of the largest community of people on this planet. The first thing to understand is that this is perfectly normal; people are not born knowing what their ultimate role in society is going to be. Rather, they are born with endless possibilities to discover their calling from. The problem is that while the choice is immense, it is always so difficult to choose.

Here are some signs to follow that should guide you in the right direction to finally uncover what you really want to accomplish in life:-

1. Try to write down all your thoughts, grievances, doubts, fantasies, and all that crosses your mind. Just write, without thinking about what's going on in the paper or on your computer screen. It might seem like the end result is pretty messy, but that's not the point. It's a matter of clearing your mind so that you can go about your day, work, solve problems, and just enjoy life. Without all the thoughts on the back of your head that distract you, you'll find it easier to work and focus on your life. However, you'll not only save them from being forgotten when you write them down, but it will be easier for you to find out "Where is the error in your life" that stop you. You could even come up with some new ideas, that help you lots. and one more benefit is "Writing a stream of consciousness can be very effective in identifying your talents". When you return after a week and read your thoughts again. You will notice that many of your thoughts revert to one main idea.

2. Asking yourself questions that provoke thoughts and allows for self-reflection. It helps you keep an awareness of where you are, where you were, and where you intend to go. You can see, organize, and preserve your dreams, desires, and aims through self-reflection. This awareness of consciousness is vital to life and opens doors to many good things to come in your way.

3. Find what makes you happy, The key explanation of why happiness is so important is that it is vital to our own life goals and can help us achieve many other cherished personal ambitions and goals. We also have the potential to change many other lives by being happy, just by being ourselves. Happier people are more productive in that they have more energy and are better able to focus. A happier person is more confident, too.

4. Try to be comfortable with discomfort, life is uncomfortable sometimes. Sometimes we don't have enough money to do all the things we want to do. If you have something that you really want to pursue, you must be able to live with a certain amount of discomfort to do that. So, try to find positivity in a negative situation.

5. Don't lose hope easily, sometimes it is good to 'go with the flow' in life. It's natural to drown in a feeling of hopelessness when faced with difficulty; still, don't let that feeling settle down in your heart. Because once the seed of Hopelessness is sown, it is watered by every difficulty you encounter later in life. If there is no hope we will lose the feeling of being alive. When spouses lose hope, they give up on their marriage, parents give up on their teens. When people lose hope, they lose their ability to dream for the future. If there is a problem in your life and you feel depressed, then the best way to deal with it is to discuss it with your friends and family. You will definitely feel relaxed and gained some motivation from them.

Hope you liked it.

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  1. Writing my thoughts down will most certainly not clear my mind. It will only reinforce the thoughts in my mind and force me to think about them more. That's the one thing I'm trying NOT to do.