How Body Gestures Helps You To Understand Peoples Feelings And Thoughts

How Body Gestures Helps You To Understand Peoples Feelings And Thoughts

What they say is never how they feel about it. It has been mentioned that body language is more than 60 percent of what we communicate, so learning to interpret non-verbal signals that people send is a valuable skill.

Here are 9 gestures and other movements of the body that can reveal a person and tell you what they really think or feel:- 

1. Rubbing the chin, that's what people do when they're trying to make a decision. They might be looking down, up, also on the side, or anywhere. They don't really know what they're looking at, because they're deep in thought.

2. Leaning forward, when people like someone and want to get in touch with them, they typically lean forward. During this position, the legs can be motionless, but the body moves forward intuitively.

3. Leaning back, if someone leans on the back of their chair, they show that they're tired of talking to each other. They may feel uncomfortable in the presence of the other person.

4. Crossed arms, that's one of the most popular gestures. It's no wonder that many people feel very comfortable in this position:- it helps them shut themselves off from other people. We also use this gesture when we're annoyed by something. Crossed arms are a clear sign that a person doesn't feel good about something.

5. You see, a person bites the arms of their glasses? Try to support them, or to cheer them up. They 're definitely worried about something at a subconscious level. the same can be said of a pencil, a pen, a cigarette, and even a chewing gum in the mouth.

6. Rubbing hands, rubbing hands together usually means that a person has a positive feeling about something. They 're really optimistic. We do this when we talk about some of the opportunities to come in the future.

7. Collecting hair that is not there (On their cloth), This is a so-called gesture of displacement. People frequently use it to express disagreement about something, but they don't want to say it. In other words, they are not specifically voicing their view, but they certainly disagree with it.

8. Covering your mouth with your hand, this is a wonderful reminder that we all had a childhood. Do you remember to cover your mouth when you didn't want to say something? It also happens in adult life. A few fingers, a palm, or even a fist near the mouth, help us not to let go of the words we don't want to say. Sometimes this gesture is disguised as completely bogus coughing.

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