9 Smart Tricks That Will Help You To Control Your Body That Actually Work

9 Smart Tricks That Will Help You To Control Your Body That Actually Work

You have a very important meeting in an hour, but you also have a toothache. These kinds of problems can really ruin your everyday life, particularly if you don't have any medicine on hand. Fortunately, there are a lot of helpful tricks that can help you deal with them and easily get your body under control.

1. Water can help to treat headaches. In tension-type or muscle contraction headaches, are generally caused due to fatigue. Fatigue is a side effect of dehydration. In addition, hot water from a nice, warm shower or bath can help relax your tight muscles.

2. Squeeze Your Thumb to Ease Gag Reflexes, this trick is one that's rooted in science. A strong gag reflex can be countered and distracted by encircling your left thumb in your fist and it works quickly.

3. This is a better way to scratch your itch: Scratch your ear. When the nerves in the ear are stimulated, there is a reflex in the throat that can cause a muscle spasm, This spasm relieves the tickle.

4. If you have migraines, foot reflexology may help to relieve your pain and prevent future headaches. In the case of migraines, a massage therapist usually exerts pressure on the inside of your large toe and second toe, giving relief to your temporal lobes.

5. Put yourself in a happier position, and you're going to be able to boost your mood. Keeping a pencil in your mouth will help you activate your smile muscles, the pencil trick works because it forces your face to imitate a genuine smile, recruiting only the muscles of your mouth, your cheeks, and your eyes that come to life when you're happy.

6. Put Pressure on your nosebleed, wad up a small piece of tissue or gauze, then stick it between your gums and the upper lip in the area under your nose. Just leave it there for 5 to 10 minutes. The tissue is putting pressure on the blood vessels that are sending the blood to your nose.

7. Make your toothache disappear by putting an ice cube on the back of your hand between your index finger and your thumb. Just wrap the ice cube in a thin cloth and rub it on the fleshy area between your thumb and forefinger. Try an acupressure technique to stop your tooth pain quickly. Press the point on the back of your other hand with your thumb, where the base of your thumb and index finger meet. Apply the pressure for about two minutes.

8. Calm your nerves by blowing your thumb. When you try to exhale through an almost blocked airway, your intrapleural pressure increases. This stimulates the vagus nerve that controls your heart rate. There's one more reason why this trick could work on you-your thumbs have their own pulse, so when you blow them, it also affects your overall pulse.

9. Research shows that coughing once before and once during an injection shot can help some people to feel less pain. Relax your arm, If you're tense, a shot can hurt more "especially if you're tense in the area where you're going to get the injection shot".

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