5 Secrets Your Doctor Will Never Want To Tell You

5 Secrets Your Doctor Will Never Want To Tell You

Doctors are specially trained and licensed medical professionals, and their job is to diagnose (find what makes you ill) and treat you so that you can get better. There are many different types of doctors, such as specialists, emergency room doctors, surgeons, and laboratory physicians. Sometimes doctors are not always patient-friendly — not because they're bad people, but because they're people, and no one (are you?) can be fair all the time. Sometimes, they tell white lies. The information is sometimes withheld. (Here we are not talking about all the doctors being the same).

Here are five secrets that the doctors don't want to reveal:-

1. They know if you're lying.

According to the WSJ, many doctors look for signs of lying, such as avoiding eye contact, frequent conversational pauses, unusual voice inflections, and other signs of anxiety. Up to 81% of patients lie to their doctors about how often they exercise, how much they eat, and other behaviors to avoid being judged, according to a study published last month in the JAMA Network Open — and these lies can negatively affect patients ' health.

2. They don't have time to explain why.

Because most of the doctors don't have enough time with their patients. One thing the doctors don't share because of this time limitation is the 'why' of the therapies and medications that they prescribe.

3. They may redirect you.

They almost never tell you their mistakes about the wrong diagnosis of your illness and about not being able to understand your condition. They might say that the treatment doesn't work, or you should go and see another experienced doctor. While sometimes they just talk about it because they don't have the right equipment/facilities available, sometimes they just really can't get it.

4. They never share their personal opinions.

Doctors always insist on what medicines you should take and keep up the proper course. Without a doubt, it 's important. But most doctors just keep it a secret that you can exercise or do healthy doable things every day to keep yourself fit. Ironically, they themselves do not take medicines easily for simple headaches or other problems, rather they exercise every day to keep himself away from these conditions.

5. Sometimes they will hide about your health conditions.

Sometimes the medical doctor will hide from you the bad conditions of your health. Including cancer, because when patients know they 're going to die, they 're going to suffer emotionally and make it worse.

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