10 Weird Inventions In History You Won't Believe Exist

10 Weird Inventions In History You Won't Believe Exist

Inventing a useful product or process is a serious business. Turn a great idea into a marketable widget, and you could earn millions of dollars. But sometimes, some invention goes totally weird. 

Here are 10 weird inventions in history:-

1. Hamblin glasses were invented in 1936 and never stopped. They were designed to make reading in bed easier for people. The words on the page were beamed to the reader's eyes using mirrors so that the reader could lie on their back and not have to strain their neck.

2. Snowstorm mask Invented in 1939 in Montréal. Where temperatures can dip to -4 F and the worst storm on record dropped more than 18 inches of snow, the plastic snowstorm mask was one of the most bizarre contraptions of its decade.

3. Inventor Victor T. Hoeflich, the founder of the novelty manufacturing company American Merri-Lei of Brooklyn, New York, introduced his "Man-from-Mars Radio Hat" in March 1949. He used teenagers as models at the press conference. Sold in department stores across the U.S. and by mail, the hat was sold for $7.95.

4. In 1929, someone thought that wood veneer sheets could be used as a bathing suit material! Swimming in deep water has proved to be quite a challenge for many people. Spruce veneer bathing suits have been described as simple, cheap, and easy to make, yet fashionable and modern. In a way, they promoted the DIY and the recycling method of creating things.

5. Stroller Radio. A Stroller equipped with a radio in 1921 was designed to keep the baby quiet, including an antenna and loudspeaker.

6. Swimming Aids, Invented in 1925 by the Italian M.Goventosa de Udine, these swim aids were made from bike tires and allowed the wearer to move at speeds of up to 93 mph.

7. Ice sailboat, this boat, which was designed in Holland, had the capacity to transport goods over frozen rivers and lakes. (As the inventors believed)

8. Invented by Buck Weimer for the U.S. underwear manufacturer, "Shreddies" claims to neutralize the smell of farts. To filter the deleterious effects of flatulence, the air-tight fabric of the underwear is sealed with elastic around the waistband and legs.

9. The Rolling Bridge was a British invention that emerged during the Victorian era. "A time when the impractical and unnatural was truly in vogue". The invention served as an alternative to the traditional bridge and enabled the user to move across the water on a rolling platform attached to the rails.

10. Hangover Mask, invented by Max Factor at the end of the 1940s, this mask was covered with plastic ice cubes that you would strap on to your margarita-induced face. While you wore it, you could catch up with some Z's and then wake up feeling refreshed.

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