10 Shocking Facts About Female That You Didn't Know About

10 Shocking Facts About Female That You Didn't Know About

Everyone wants to know more about women. But at once, nobody understands them. Women are an important part of the world to lead the world. At the same time, women are also well known for their unique styles. There are also some interesting facts about them, about which there will hardly be any public. Today, we're just going to tell you some shocking facts about females:- 

1. In 1903, Mary Anderson invented a windshield wiper. In addition, over the years, women have patented: disposable diapers, paper bags, non-reflective glass, foot pedal trash cans, dishwashers, and many other innovations.

2. You may have noticed that women are worse at risk-taking than men, and there is actually a scientific explanation for that. The anterior cingulate cortex, the part of the brain that weighs options when making decisions, is larger in women than in men. 

3. Would you ever argue with your girlfriend about the white curtains that she believed to be either eggshell or cream? Well, that's because women see 20 percent more differences in colors and shapes on average. 

4. On average, the female brain is 9% smaller than its male counterpart. But this doesn't affect cognitive abilities because the cell count is the same and they're packed densely.

5. Women have considerably more nightmares than men, and their dreams are usually more emotional.

6. The differences in lifespan between men and women can sometimes be up to a decade, but on average it's around the world for at least 2–3 years. And this doesn't just apply to human females. In addition, female orangutans and chimpanzees outlive their male counterparts.

7. This curiosity has no scientific explanation — it's a social one. For centuries, society and the media have been urging women to adhere to a certain standard, whether small feet or perky and this results in the majority of women choosing stylish presentation over comfort.

8. Women are known to talk more than men do. Much, much more, in fact, as they speak an average of 13,000 words more than men a day.

9. Studies show that, unlike men who only listen to the left side of their brain, women listen to each side of their brain.

10. Believe it or not, but alcohol is much more harmful to women because it is more susceptible to liver disease such as hepatitis and is more likely to suffer from cirrhosis of the liver. Women are also more likely to develop brain damage from alcohol, such as loss of intellectual control and decreased brain capacity.

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