12 Interesting and Fascinating Facts That Will Surprise You

12 Interesting and Fascinating Facts That Will Surprise You

It's always interesting and entertaining to learn something new. As one of the most important artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso has been the subject of numerous books and films. The acclaimed artist lived his life to the fullest, remaining active and creative until his death at the age of 91 in 1973. But did you know? His full name was 23 words long. 

Here are 12 fascinating and interesting facts that will instantly boost your curiosity about facts:-

1. two asteroids orbit close to our planet. One asteroid, Cruithne, follows the Earth's orbit, while the 2002 AA29 Asteroid travels along a path shaped like a horseshoe. Because of this, it's only swinging across us every 95 years.

2. Zebras are known for their striking black and white stripes, but it turns out that not all creatures are born with a lovely lined pattern. In fact, some rare zebras are born with spots, such as the polka-dotted zebra, which was spotted in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve in 2019.

3. According to a 2019 report released in Forensic Science International: Synergy and led by Australian researcher Alyson Wilson, corpses may continue to move more than a year after death. Movement is believed to be the result of a process of decomposition that causes the ligaments of the corpses to dry up and contract, pulling the limbs as they do.

4. Humans are blinking to keep their eyes clean and moisturized. It turns out, that some of us blink more than others. Specifically, adults tend to blink about 15 times per minute, while babies blink only two or three times in the same period.

5. Violet Jessop may be one of the luckiest women in history. She not only survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 but was also present during the Olympic ship collision in 1911 and during the sinking of the Britannic in 1916. Miraculously, none of the accidents could have brought Jessop down, and she lived to be 83 and died in 1971.

5. Antarctica is a wonderful place that boasts incredible frosty landscapes, incredibly low temperatures, and volcanic activity. It's also the "windiest, driest, and most beautiful place on Earth," according to National Geographic. It is the only continent on Earth that can't naturally support grasslands.

6. Anacondas are not common snakes for many reasons, including the fact that they can grow up to 30 feet in length and weigh up to 550 pounds. Another notable difference? Unlike most other forms of snakes, anacondas do not lay eggs but instead deliver live babies. Up to 40 snakes are born at a time, each about two feet long.

7. Although astronauts float in space, they are not subject to Earth's gravity pressures. As a result, they can expand and relax the vertebra in their spines, which means their bodies stretch up to three percent higher. This means someone who is six feet tall will grow up to two inches while in space. The extra height is only temporary.

8. Lungs are the only human organ that can float on water. According to the Australian Lung Foundation, the lungs will have about one liter of air lingering inside, making the organ buoyant enough to float on the water. No other organ in the human body has the same capacity.

9. Planet Earth as you already know is divided into four hemispheres: north, south, east, and west. Yet only one of the seven continents can claim to be in all four of them and that's Africa.

10. With time, the bark of older Redwood and Sequoia trees builds up to protect them from the elements. The bark, which can grow up to one foot thick, contains tannin which provides fire and fungus protection.

11. The Eiffel Tower in Paris consists of more than 7,300 tons of iron and 1,063 feet of iron. But during the summer heat, the metal structure expands, which means that it can grow more than six inches in height during the summer season.

12. Picasso is one of the most famous names in the world of art. But it turns out that his real name was a little longer than what we used to hear. The full name of the painter was Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso.

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