10 Weird but Cool Psychological Tricks for Everyday Life

10 Weird but Cool Psychological Tricks for Everyday Life

Whether in social situations you are shy and uncomfortable, or the most seasoned extrovert, everybody can use a few tips to increase their social liability. These tips use basic psychology and will give you the advantage. Whether it is a cocktail party or a college examination.

1. If someone snores and you try to sleep, but don't want to wake them up, knock on a wooden table or closet. I guess they think someone's knocking on the door in their sleeping brain, and they'll stop snoring for at least 5 minutes.

2. When you need to remember something, think about it when you're doing something unusual. It's going to work as a memory crutch and kick in like a trigger next time.

3. Look at their forehead while talking to someone, just between and slightly above their eye-line. It takes them away from their game, and they have a hard time lying to you or trying to manipulate you.

4. As per the nocebo effect. If you believe that something is going to hurt you, you will begin to experience negative symptoms.

5. When you talk to others, once they've finished their story, ask them at least one question about it before you leap into your own story. It shows that you listen to them and are interested in them, making them feel important.

6. If someone is trying to get you to decide something in a hurry, they're probably going to give you a bad deal.

7. The theory of Pavlov. It's absolutely fascinating to think that with enough practice, an instance or occurrence of an event can trigger a mental or physical effect on oneself. Like smelling vanilla, it reminds you of someone, or how one song helps you remember things you've learned while you're listening to it. They say that if you chew bubblegum while studying for an exam, and chew the same taste of gum while writing about the subject you studied for, you would remember the details much better since your brain was programmed to associate the taste and chewing with what you learned.

8. Guilt may be literally washed away. Washing your hands or taking a shower can make people feel less guilty. The study also found that watching someone else wash their hands decreases the guilt of the observer.

9. The best way to get an answer on the Internet is not to ask, but instead to post the wrong answer and let people correct you.

10. If you're at a house party holding a bottle of beer or glass of champagne, don't hold it up high and close to your chest, instead, hold it down below your hip. Body language experts suggest an image of trust and openness to these projects, making people feel more willing to socialize with you.

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