What Is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial AC?

What Is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial AC?

Comfort Air Conditioning system:- In comfort air conditioning the air is brought to the required dry bulb temperature and relative humidity for human health comfort and efficiency. If sufficient data of the required condition is not given, then it is assumed to be 21c dry bulb temperature and 50%, relative humidity. The sensible heat factor is generally kept as follows:

For residence or private office= 0.9
For a restaurant or busy office =0.8
Auditorium or cinema hall= 0.7
Ballroom dance hall etc. =0.6
comfort air conditioning may be adopted for homes, offices, shops, restaurants, theaters, hospitals, schools, etc.

Industrial Air Conditioning system:- It is an important system of air conditioning these days in which the inside dry bulb temperature and relative humidity of the air are kept constant or proper working of the machines and for the proper research and manufacturing processes. Some of the sophisticated electronics and other machines need a particular dry bulb temperature and relative humidity. Sometimes, these machines also require a particular method of psychrometric processes. This type of air conditioning system is used in textile mills, paper mills, machine parts, manufacturing plants, tool rooms, photo-processing plants, etc.

Factor Affecting Comfort Air Conditioning

  • The temperature of air: In air conditioning, the control of temperature means the maintenance of any desired temperature within an enclosed space even though the temperature of the outside air is above or below the desired room temperature. This is accomplished either by the addition or removal of heat from the enclosed space as and when demanded. It may be noted that a human being feels comfortable when the air is 21degree centigrade with 56% relative humidity.
  • The humidity of air: The control of humidity of air means decreasing or increasing moisture of air during summer or winter respectively to produce comfortable and healthy conditions. The control of humidity is not only necessary for human comfort but also increases the efficiency of the workers. In general, for summer air conditioning, the relative should not be less than 60% whereas for winter air conditioning it should not be more than 40%.
  • The purity of air: It is an important factor for the comfort of a human body. It has been noticed that people do not feel comfortable when breathing contaminated air, even if it is within the acceptable temperature and humidity ranges. It is thus obvious that proper filtration, cleaning, and purification of air is essential to keep it free from dust and other impurities.
  • The motion of air: The motion or circulation of air is another important factor that should be controlled to keep a constant temperature throughout the conditioned space. It is, therefore, necessary that there should be equidistribution of air throughout the space to be air-conditioned.

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