5 Precious Gems of India

5 Precious Gems of India

  • Kohinoor is one of the oldest and most famous diamonds in the world. Kohinoor is mined in Kollur mines in India. Today Kohinoor is in London as a part of the British crown. Kohinoor is also known as Persian and it means 'Mountain of light'. Kohinoor is the most expensive diamond in the world and is weighing 105.6 carats. There is another famous diamond which is mine in India, The world's largest pink diamond 'Daria-i-Noor which is approximately 182 carats (36.4 gm). But now it is a part of the Iranian crown. Generally, both diamond and graphite are formed by carbon atoms, Diamond is the hardest substance known while graphite is smooth and slippery. Diamond can be synthesized by subjecting pure carbon to very high pressure and temperature.

  • The iron pillar is constructed by Chandragupta Vikramaditya, its height is 7.21 m (23 ft 8 in) and it is made in front of the Vishnu temple. The iron pillar near the Qutub Minar in Delhi was built more than 1600 years ago by the ironworkers of India. They had developed a process that prevented iron from rusting. For its quality of rust resistance, it has been examined by scientists from all parts of the world. the Iron pillar weighs 6 tonnes( 6000 kg).

  • Jaivana cannon is the largest wheel cannon in the world, It was built in 1720 in Jaigarh fort Jaipur. The main thing about this cannon is, its weight is 50 tonnes and the length of the cannon barrel is 6.15 m (200ft 2in). It was made by a casting process, In this process, molten metal is poured in a sand mold and given the shape of desired objects. the main feature of this cannon is that it can able to fire in any direction.
  • The world's Tallest statue, This statue is made in the honor of, India's first deputy prime minister and also known as the ironman of India Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, On his 143 rd birth anniversary. The Height of this statue is 597 ft and completed in 42 months. The core of this statue is made up of 210,000 m3 of cement concrete, 6500 tonnes of structural steel, and 18500 tonnes of reinforced steel. The outer surface is made up of 1700 tonnes of bronze (Copper+Manganese+Zinc) plates and 1850  tonnes of bronze cladding which was made in China's foundries. This statue is a symbol of unity.

  • Ganga is the largest river in India. It is not famous just because of its length, the Ganga river has one special quality. The oxygen is found in the Ganga river is more than the other's river oxygen level. Many people believe that the rich amount of oxygen present in the Ganga river helps in self-cleaning and has healing power. It is not just a river for Indian people, it is a lifeline to millions of people in India and the backbone of spiritual life for India.
                                The Ganga runs over 2500 km from Gangotri in the Himalayas to Ganga Sagar by the Bengal. It is being turned into a drain by more than a hundred towns in cities in Uttar Pradesh. Bhir and West Bengal pour their garbage and excreta into it. Largely untreated sewage is dumped into the Ganges every day. In addition think of the pollution caused by other human activities like bathing, washing of clothes, and immersion of ashes or unburnt corpses. And then, industries contribute chemical effluents to the Ganga's pollutions load and the toxicity kills fish in large sections of the river. Namami Gange Programme in an Integrated Conservation Mission was approved as a Flagship program by the Union Government in June 2014. it was launched to accomplish the twin objectives of effective abatement of pollution conservation and rejuvenation of River Ganga. The National Mission for Clean Ganga is the implementation wing set up in October 2016.

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