What You Can Do to Reduce Air Pollution Caused by Vehicles

What You Can Do to Reduce Air Pollution Caused by Vehicles

                              The contribution of vehicles to pollution is known and there is a need to reduce vehicular emissions continuously. The Indian automotive industry recognizes the fact and has worked continuously for control of emissions as per auto fuel policy and proactively developing environment-friendly technologies. India today has some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the world. From April 1995 mandatory fitment of catalytic converters in a new petrol passenger car sold in Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, and Chennai along with a supply of Unleaded Petrol were affected. The first auto fuel policy was announced in August 2002 laying down the emissions and fuel roadmap up to 2010. In Manufacturing, the efficient usage of resources and energy, as well as minimization of negative impact on the environment are the most important factors in sustainable corporate management.         

  • Strategies for environment management:- To establish and consolidate clean production systems, we have to set up long-term environment management strategies. For practical implementation of our environmental policy, we have to set up environmental action principles in the manufacturing sector, which then serve as a basis of attainable environmental goals and specific objectives for each of our business, units.
  • Hazardous materials management:- We have to conduct periodic assessments and conform to strict in-house regulations on the production-related hazardous waste of various types to maximize the environmental friendliness of our products and maintain clean production facilities. The clean production system was established through the continuous environment to prevent the release of hazardous materials. For comprehensive control of such materials, we have in place the Integrated System on Environmental Safety and Health.

  • Risk management system:- While thoroughly implementing environmental management we have to form an environmental emergency response or organization as part of our preparations for any possible contingencies. We have drawn up potential scenarios according to each potential emergency situation, and these have been reviewed and certified by the related departments. Then, provide education and training for personnel designated to handle such situations. In the event of an emergency, prepared to immediately respond with the appropriate measures, and, if necessary, request outside support from related organizations.     
  • Compliance with laws and regulations:- In addition to complying with all environmental regulations, we have to completely fulfill its environmental and social obligations as a responsible member of society. To meet those expectations, we should have to establish and conform to its own internal policies, which are even stricter than legal regulations. we are also a signatory to the voluntary Environmental Management Initiative Contract with regional administrative authorities.  
  • Ozone Depleting Chemicals:- Some of the chief culprits responsible for the thinning of the ozone layer that is restricted by the Vienna Convention include propellants used in car manufacturing and CFCs used to clean engines and as air conditioning refrigerants, etc. CFCs are replaced with alternative chemicals, in conformity with the Vienna Convention ( Set up to protect Ozone Layer).                       

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