Human value and justice in human relationship

  • Value in a relationship:- Human is a social animal. It is a need of the self 'I' to be a relationship with the other. Being in a relationship, we have a feeling for the other. These feelings cannot be replaced by any material or physical things. These feelings are definite and these feelings are the values in a relationship. To develop values in a relationship we have to develop the understanding of justice. When we ensure the feeling of right judgment in the relationship we learn to recognize the relationship and learn how to fulfill them.

  • Justice:- Simply defined justice is recognizing that feelings are definite in relationships, fulfilling the relationships and the right evaluation of the fulfillment, which results in mutual happiness. Thus, justice is composed of four elements; recognition of values or the definite nature of feelings, fulfillment, evaluation and ensuring mutual happiness. When all these four elements are ensured, justice is ensured. The main indicator of justice is mutual fulfillment.
  • Justice in Human relationship:- The European tradition has long embraced justice as one of the highest human values, even as the highest(e.g. Socrates & Plato). Because jurisprudence is (optimally) based upon the widest possible consideration. These include right and wrong, good or ill, blame (responsibility) or guiltlessness and the institutions exercising justice takes into consideration past events, behavior, motives, intentions, personal and social change, and the circumstances conditioning all these, The idea of justice is difficult to define satisfactorily, and certainly cannot be set in concrete terms.

                          It is based on fairness, where the equality of every individual before the law is fundamental. As such it is a social value in that it aims to resolve and reduce conflict, guided by the principles of care and non-violence. The aim to achieve social justice for the perceived common good (however ineffective or wrong in view of current standards) has certainly a long pre-history as a central idea in all human societies. The classical Greek idea justice eventually gave rise to that of 'human right' first formalized in the charter of the 1948 Geneva Convention, Which is continually undergoing further development and extension. The human value justice also has wide-ranging political relevancy, such as in the strivings of egalitarianism in political democracy and other systems of rule. As ' such, justice is a major human value the embraces most aspects of social life. 

                          Justice is expressed in all forms of human interest and care for living nature, obviously including humans, while it clearly also remains an ideal to be striven for in the interest of the peace of mind and love. Towards others, it is positively realizable in such ways as through protection, circumspection, understanding of real needs and sympathy, etc. and thus in all forms of social activity that protect and forward the personal integrity of persons. Thus, human rights are duties we have towards our fellow men to harming then physically, emotionally or otherwise.

                         Many people consider forgiveness of one's enemies or wrongdoers as of high moral value, something which is 'truly human'. Oscar Wilde said, "Don't do unto others as you would they should do unto you, because they may not like it." This means, don't make yourself the measure of what the good is but take account of others, their needs, individuality in which they may be very different from yourself. In other words, a good act is one done in goodwill, which means that we try to do what we think everyone would see as right (i.e, on a principle which would apply in every like instance). In modern terms, this means we should not accept religious faith in any commandments or scriptural commandments as the basis of one's actions, not unless the commandment is such that you can honestly say it expresses a universally valid human value. It is this reasoning, not faith which must be the test of goodness of one's intentions.

                          What is a universally valid human value, however, can be most difficult to determine in respect of any given situation? Not all would agree that one must forgive wrongdoers regardless of what they did, whether they admit guilt and show remorse or whether they would do the same again if they could. For most people, forgiveness may have to wait upon the remorse of the guilty party, and far from all would see it as a right to forgive certain crimes even so. This shows how human values cannot be fixed or unchanging 'Universal' commandments, for in every case of a value applied (Or ignored) in practice, many situations, specific circumstances are unavoidably involved in moral decisions.


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