How to live stress free life.

The state or situation in which I live if there is harmony/ synergy in it. Then I like to be in that state or situation, i.e. to be in the state of liking is happiness. Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure or joy.

               To achieve it we continuously involve in various activities and accumulating various things. But unfortunately we are not able to fulfil our aspirations. We seem to be interacting with lots of people, we keep getting ourselves into troubles in our relationships. This issue is basically because we assume something about relationships, and then we go on to live them on the basis of this assumption. But this our assumption is false, then we end up in problems.
               The source of continuity of happiness for a human being is 'right understanding'. In order to resolve the issues in human relationships. We need to understand them first, and this would come from 'right understanding of relationship'. If we have the right understanding, then we can be happy in ourselves and work to have fulfilling relationships with humans and mutual prosperity with nature.

  • Happiness and unhappiness:- Happiness result from a variety of feelings that are effortless and comes naturally to us. Trust, honesty, confidence, etc are feelings that we welcome with open arms at all times. They lead us to a state of harmony within and with others around us. For instance if a person trusts a friend, they feel a sense of mutual harmony, which is also reflected in their interactions with others around them. Thus, happiness is a state where there is harmony all around.
                    Everyone should learn to be happy and then, happily direct this valuable treasure to all those who come in contact. The circle moves in such a way that whatever one gives has to return back after completing the round. But one most have enough patience, because this round may take sometime. There is a definite law of nature, that "every action has got an equal and opposite reaction"; and every deed follows this rule. So whatever way be the situation try to act in such a way, that the reaction, gives you happiness. The best policy is to have pleasure and share it with others.

                     On the other hand unhappiness is the result of any kind of contradiction struggle or conflict within us or with any other person. For instance, if a person does not trust a friend, both of them will feel uncomfortable and will not like the situation. so mistrust, dishonesty, lack of respect and lack of confidence are some feelings that lead to unhappiness.

  • Nine feelings in the Human- Human relationship:-
  1. Trust 
  2. Respect
  3. Affection
  4. Care
  5. Guidance
  6. Glory
  7. Love
  8. Gratitude
  9. Reverence
                Affection is the feeling of being related to other. Affection is there when one recognises that we both are similar and we both want to make each other happy. One thinks that we both are related to each other with a mutual feeling. That name of that feeling is affection. For example:- The relationship of a brother and sister friendship, etc.
               Love is the feeling related with= entire existance. It is the feeling of complete or full involvement with a human being. For example:- The reletionship of a husband and wife is full of love, The relationship of a child and mother etc.

  • Difference between animals and human being:- 
               The major difference between animals and human beings is that in the case of animals if we know the behavioural patterns of a single individual of a species, we know the behavioural patterns of all the individuals of the same species. This is because each species of animal has a 'group soul'. This is not in the case with the human being, because no two human individuals behave in an identical manner in the same set of circumstances. The major distinction between human beings and animals is the ability of the human being to think as an individual. This ability is due to an additional spiritual constituent of the human being, called the ego, which can simply be stated as that aspect of the human being which gives each one of us our identity. When we say, we can only be referring to ourselves as individuals, not to any one else.
          Thus the human being is constituted of:-
  • Physical body;
  • Etheric body;
  • Astral body; and
  • Ego.
                  When one is in physical body, heavens or hell are in one's heart. People with good heart would feel like in heavens. People with negative emotions would feel very heavy, miserable, suffering in their heart, or in the other words, like in hell.
                Human beings have a tendency towards materialism. They discriminate against each other because of physical differences between cultures and religions; they fight and kill each other under the form of religious wars; the relationship between parents and children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, friends becames controlled by materials desires and money. 
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  1. So true that every emotion and relation is controlled by materials desires and Money is root cause of all happiness.


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