What is Industrial psychology? How it is works in industry?

Industrial psychology is concerned with people at work. Industrial psychology provides theory and research methods to personal management. It is also called "personal psychology". A closely related field is known as organizational psychology. Industrial psychology as the name indicates it is the branch of psychology which studies human behaviour, Which can be observed in the social, economic, educational and other spheres. In the industrial field, human relations deteriorate, then the result is strike and lockouts which have a widespread impact upon the economy of the nation. Since the future of every nation depends upon its industrial development and progress. This particular field of human behaviour becomes extremely important. It is the aim of industrial Psychology to study the principles governing behaviour in the industrial field and to undertake research.

          In the modern period, the different branches of psychology have developed during the study of human behaviour in these various fields. This is an age of industrial progress, In which each progressive nation is expanding the scope of its industries. It is easier to understand the nature of industrial psychology by analyzing its definition. Industrial psychology is a science, hence its nature is scientific. It employs scientific techniques to study the social aspects of human behaviour. It is the science in the same way in which general psychology and sociology are sciences. Along with the study of individual behaviour, industrial psychology also makes a study of group dynamics.

          The scope of industrial psychology is research rather than administration. The scope of industrial psychology is limited to the material and social environment to which an individual adapts himself while he is at work and by which his attitude is modified. As a matter of fact, industrial psychology is the research and personnel or human resource management is the application of the research.

            Industrial psychology is the branch of applied psychology that is concerned with efficient management of an industrial labour force and especially with problems encountered by workers in a mechanized environment. According to Harrell "industrial psychology is the study of people at work in industry and business." so industrial psychology is the study of people at work the study of their aptitude and their qualification for obs. It includes the principles and practices of training in the skills and attitudes for industrial work.
           Industrial psychology works for the development or growth of the industry in a beneficial way, so its primary work is to motivate the worker and staff of the industry so that they work in a positive way and it is good for both industry or their country because the growth of any country also depends on the growth of the industry and the economic value.

  • What is Motivation:-  
          "Motivation" means "to move". It is a Latin word. Human motives are internationalized goals within individuals.  Motivation is derived from 'motive', Which means an idea, need emotion or organic state which prompts a man to action. The motive is an internal factor that integrates a man's behaviour. As the motive is within the individual, it is necessary to study needs, emotion etc. We can simply say that motivation is an external force that can help to boost a person in a positive way and enhance their will power to do some more and effectively and efficiently. It is the main power why any industry increases its growth by the help of their worker and staff by motivating them. Motivation is a process of getting the needs of the people realized to induce them to work for the accomplishment of organizational objectives. Hence, motivation is nothing but an act of inducement.

               Motivation is something that moves a person to action and continues him in the course of action already initiated it refers to the way a person is enthused at work to intensify his desire and willingness to use his potentialities for the achievement of organizational objectives.  

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