Q&A That Make You to Know Something New

Q&A That Make You to Know Something New

  • World smallest tree:- Bonsai is the art of arranging and growing trees in miniature. The Japanese word 'bonsai' means 'they planted'. with careful pruning over many years, these dwarf trees look exactly like a fully grown trees. 
Bonsai tree

  • Banana tree:- They grow on tropical plants as tall as trees, up to 3m high, the bananas grow on a single stalk, often 70-160 fruit in one bunch. The plant is cut down but grows back again in the next season.
Banana tree

  • Life-giving fruit:- Lots of products come from the coco palm tree. Boats are made from the trunk, leaves are used for the hut, basket making, mats and hats, the coconut oil, milk, and leaf buds are all edible products that come from this tree.

  • Why do flowers smell:- To humans, some flowers smell sweet and others smell disgusting. certain flowers, that have an odor of decay are pollinated by flies and sometimes bats. Some insects visit scented flowers to feed on pollen and sweet-smelling nectar. As insects go from flower to flower they spread pollen, which in turn helps to make the seeds for next season's plants.

  • Where coffee grows:- coffee grows on an evergreen shrub in hot climates. Two seeds or beans grow inside a red cherry-like fruit. These beans are roasted and then grind to make coffee.

  • Who invented jeans?:- As a sailmaker, Oscar Levi-Strauss, in San-Francisco in 1850. The word 'jeans' may come from 'jene fustien', a strong twill cotton cloth, first made in Genoa. The original jeans were brown until blue denim was used.

  • Who first made paper:- Paper was first made by wasps! They make paper for their nests by chewing up fragments of wood. The ancient Egyptians made paper from a water reed papyrus- hence the name paper. As early as the second century the Chinese manufactured paper from bamboo fibers, pounded and pulped and left to dry.  

  • Who wrote Cinderella?:- Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella were all written in France by Charles Perrault in the 18th century.

  • Which US president was born in a log cabin?:-  Abraham Lincoln, the president of the USA was born on February 16th, 1809 in a log cabin on the Kentucky frontier. Lincoln grew up on a farm in Indiana. He educated himself and become a lawyer, and in 1861 he was elected president.

  • Was there a real count Dracula?:- Bram Stoker's novel about Dracula has been popular ever since 1897. Through films, plays, even comic books, everyone is familiar with Count Dracula, the bloodsucking vampire. The original Dracula may have been the 15th-century prince Vlad Tepes. He was an evil, cruel man, but certainly not a vampire.

  • Did Robin Hood really live in Sherwood Forest?:- This legendary hero was said to have lived in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire during the reign of Richard I who was king from 1189-1199. During this time, Richard the Lionheart was away from England on crusades in the holy land and neglected his duties as king. He left his brother Prince John in charge of the country who, together with the Sherriff of Nottingham, declared Robin Hood an outlaw. According to legend, Robin then became the leader of an outlaw band dressed in Lincoln green and armed with a longbow, who robbed the rich to help the poor.
            From the 14th century onward, tales and ballads of this popular hero began to appear, but no one has really been able to prove that Robin Hood existed.        

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